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"March: in like a lion, out like a lamb." - Proverb
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Narrated by Marcio Catalano & Rose Dioro
Narrated by Shane East & Kit Swann
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SFN: How did you learn to narrate audiobooks?
AP: To be fair I am still learning! But I read a lot of articles, watched hours of YouTube videos, sat in recording sessions of other narrators, and took private classes from those in the industry.
SFN: Audiobook listeners love bloopers! Do you have a favorite blooper you’ve saved or author pickup you’ve gotten during the recording process that has stuck with you?
AP: Oh I create a blooper folder for every book. I have had a few really funny ones. I'm not sure I have a favorite though. I did share a reaction blooper of an MC's "declaration of love" if you will, on social media when I was recording The Pucking Wrong Number by CR Jane.
SFN: If you could spend either a week in the past or a week in the future, where and when would you go?
AP: This may sound cliché but I am very happy in the present. I spent most of my life "living in the future" and am finally in a place where remaining in the present is incredible and the most rewarding thing for me. I also wouldn't want to mess up anything by returning to the past.
SFN: What or who inspires you as an artist?
AP: I don't think there is enough space to write my massive list. My mom, my friends, other artists, nature, random people I see having fun or doing an act of kindness, books, music. The list would go on forever.
SFN: What are you reading/watching/eating/whatever floats your boat these days that you want everyone else to try?
AP: I am kind of all over the spectrum, I am sort of a mood reader and movie/tv watcher. I guess one thing that "floats my boat" that I think everyone should try is going on "self dates". About a year ago I started taking myself on, like, ridiculous dates of things I used to love doing as a kid, or something on my bucket list such as skydiving, or when I'm really stressed. It's been such an interesting thing because at first it was really hard for me to go do these events/things alone and allow myself to sort of just relax and not care too much about how others were perceiving me. Now it's an amazing way to recharge my battery and sort of feel like a child just having fun/playing. I don't know, I may sound ridiculous but I highly recommend trying it.
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