MAR 2024

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Spring is so close I can taste it.  I can feel it in the slightest hint of warmth in the gentle breeze. I can see it in the melting piles of snow.  I can smell it in the warming earth. I can hear it with the arrival of the fat robin and his exasperated mate.  
There have been some real low moments over the last few weeks.  Real depths of winter feels.  So much very hard work, for so far, very little reward. A lot of anger. Some regret.
But then the sky is bright blue and the mountains are sparkly for like 3 days in a row, and it's a balm. I go out and rake in the flower garden I adopted last year and feel strong again. The bulbs I hastily planted in October start to push their way through the dirt and bring with them a bit of hope. I hit publish and the weight lifts just the slightest bit.  Suddenly, I don't feel as worn down.
Because Spring is so close, I can taste it.
small moments of joy
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