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In the story of Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42), the hostess Martha is occupied with caring for her guests while Mary occupies herself listening to Jesus. This story reminds us that sometimes we prioritize activities like playing sports, hanging out with friends, or spending time on social media, and fail to appropriately prioritize being close to God. It is like when we are so busy with our chores that we forget to spend authentic time with the people we care about. We need to remember to be true to ourselves and God, just like Mary did by authentically focusing on Jesus’ teaching.
Many of us can relate to Martha's situation. Sometimes, we fail to fully grasp the extent of God's grace, believing we have to do many things to be good enough, especially when it comes to our faith.  But Jesus does not scold Martha for being busy. Instead, he kindly asks her to take a break and spend authentic time with him, just like Mary did. In teens’ language, Jesus might say, "Hey Martha, it's awesome that you're doing all this stuff, but don't forget to take a breather and spend some quality time with me, like Mary here." This shows that Jesus values our real selves and wants us to have an authentic relationship with him.
The story teaches us that we should find a balance between fulfilling various tasks and spending authentic, quiet time with God. It is important to help others, but it is also important to take authentic moments to pray and think about our faith. By finding this balance, we can grow closer to God and have a more authentic relationship.

- Rev. Dr. Niveen Ibrahim Sarras, Ph.D, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church - Neenah
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Crossways Welcomes 
Amanda Wellens!
Amanda has been hired as the new Engagement and Recruitment Specialist & Site Director of Imago Dei Village. Amanda served as Program Director for Image Dei from Feb 2019 – Jan 2021. Since then, she has added to her experiences working in the Green Bay School district. We are grateful for the gifts and passion for outdoor ministry Amanda brings to the role, and we look forward to witnessing how God will bless our campers and our summer staff through her.  Please join us in welcoming Amanda to the Crossways staff, and in praying for her as she prepares for the summer season.  



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An invitation from Dori Arbter at Bay View Lutheran in Sturgeon Bay! 
Likely many of you have a similar relationship with Crossways that I do. My uncle was on summer staff, I faithfully and joyfully came as a summer camper for 8 summers, took part in the first Rooted Adult Enrichment retreat last May, and now, as part of my involvement with children and youth ministries, I encourage families to experience everything crossways has to offer. There is something for everyone of all ages - with more opportunities constantly being dreamed up. 
Supporting crossways looks different for everyone - assisting with camp cleanup days,  encouraging young people to attend as campers or as staff, and giving financial support. 
By being a monthly donor, I know my dollars are being put to use ensuring camp is safe, ensuring camp is fun, and ensuring camp is accessible physically and financially to interested families. Setting up recurring payments couldn’t be easier! Visit, click the green “donate now!” button and select to give via Donorbox or Personally, I scrolled down and choose for smaller transaction fees and a larger variety of recurring donation options, such as once a week, twice a month, once a month, or once every other month.
Now that it’s all set up, my monthly donation is automatically sent to Crossways where I am confident it will be put to good use.  Time spent at any of the three Crossways camps is guaranteed to be impactful and filled with lifelong memories. I encourage you to consider how you can financially support Crossways and share this information on how to donate with folks in your congregations. 

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If your congregation or organization would like an ambassador visit from one of our Crossways volunteers, please email Amanda Wellens at