Let's Celebrate!
It's Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! Learn about MOKA's mission through our new commercial, and check out several recent ‘wins’ in the disability community.
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March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the vibrant contributions and resilience of individuals across Michigan. Michigan is home to 180,000 people with developmental disabilities, and this month highlights their strengths and the diverse and inclusive communities they help create. Let's come together to acknowledge their achievements and advocate for an even brighter and more inclusive future.
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An overview of MOKA's mission!
Progress & success:
The movement for inclusion is bigger than one person, one state, or one country. Let’s look at some recent victories by and for the disability community from across the world.

Paving the Way
Progress in Parliament
Mar Galceran has made history as the first parliamentarian with Down syndrome. Galceran's election to the Spanish parliament marks a monumental stride towards inclusivity and diversity in politics. Before this, Galceran worked as a civil servant for over 20 years helping to carve out inclusive policy. And now, she hopes her presence in the regional parliament will help to dismantle the many prejudices that face those with Down’s Syndrome. Click below to learn more.

Empowering Representation
'Good Doctor' Casting
While autism representation in media is growing, genuine portrayals by neurodiverse actors remain scarce. However, in its 7th and final season, The Good Doctor has made a significant change by casting Kayla Cromer, who is on the spectrum. Cromer expressed, "It’s truly an honor to bring authentic representation to the show and viewers." Click below to read a comprehensive article about the importance of media representation for people with disabilities.

Touchdown for Inclusivity
Eagle's Popcorn Partnership
The Philadelphia Eagles, alongside Wawa and Popcorn for the People, transformed a former Wawa convenience store into a popcorn facility staffed by people with autism and developmental disabilities. Popcorn prepared by this staff will be sold at Lincoln Financial Field and Wawa stores, with proceeds supporting the Eagles Autism Foundation. Click below to watch a video about this impactful partnership!

Musical Trailblazer
Impactful Grammy Win
This award season, one Grammy winner made waves in the disability community. Annie Ray, a high-school orchestra director received the ‘Musical Educator Award’ for making “significant and lasting contribution” to the field of music education. She was selected for her work creating the Crescendo Orchestra Program, which teaches students with disabilities to play music. Click below to watch a video about this story.

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