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Over the weekend, I accomplished my first garage organizing project (beyond my own). I swore off tackling garages (or basements) when I started my business, citing several reasons:
  • As a solopreneur, maneuvering heavy items in these spaces posed a challenge.
  • The sheer volume of items often surpasses the scope of my boutique services.
  • Insects and critters made these spaces less appealing.
Despite these reservations, I decided to give it a shot, enticed by the opportunity to test garage products from The Container Store and develop new skills. 
You can witness the garage transformation here.

Here are my reflections:
  • Dense clutter: Garages require significant decluttering. Since they are separate from our primary living spaces, they often become dumping grounds.
  • Multipurpose zoning: These spaces serve multiple purposes, demanding clear zoning. It's crucial to determine what belongs in your garage, considering it's the exclusive domain for your cars, unlike household items that might find a place in basements or other storage areas.
  • Product matters: I recommend shelving because hazardous materials and potentially dangerous equipment are stored in garages. If built-ins aren't available, investing in quality storage solutions will ensure safety and optimize space in each zone. You can find the products I utilized here.

While I can't guarantee that I'll be taking on many garage projects, I am available for consultation and transparent about my capacity to assist. This space requires so much navigation, and I'm more open to the possibility than I have been.
Is your garage organized? Reply to this email and let me know more. 

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