Hello again, we hope this finds you all well and enjoying the growing spring energy. 
Thank you so, so much to everyone who has been in touch following our announcement of the closing of this cycle of New Constellations. It has been deeply touching to hear what New Constellations has meant and led to for so many of you, and how the idea of the chrysalis has inspired you.
As promised, today we are sharing more stories and learnings from five years of collaboration. Below you will find a piece from each of us on different aspects of how we have co-created and run New Constellations – from the strategic underpinnings of our journeys to how we’ve welcomed ‘the whole’, explored new ways of working, and integrated our powerful audio practice. 
Please see below, we would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have for us in the remaining couple of weeks before we tuck into our chrysalis.
We will be in touch one last time around mid April.
Til then, with love and gratitude,
Gemma, Iris, Jo & Lily
New Constellations
New Constellations was created to help people imagine and create better, more beautiful futures in which humankind and the planet flourish together. As most of you will know, the main technology and methodology we have developed for this is called The Journey. Run as an immersive experience, it can be hard to explain the journey without experiencing it directly, but in Gemma’s new blog she breaks down the thinking and theoretical foundations underpinning the process, and the powerful ways it works as a methodology for transition and transformation.
We know we are not alone in thinking we need to reimagine both what we do and how we do things. Having had the opportunity and challenge of building an organisation from scratch, under Lily's leadership we set out to try to shape our systems, processes and ways of working in ways that were truly aligned with our values and vision. Here Lily outlines some of the things we and others have tried, some of the challenges we've faced, and shares a treasure trove of practical tools and resources.
In this piece, Iris explores the holistic approach we have tried to take at New Constellations: welcoming our whole selves, each other, our natural world and the beyond into the hard work of transformation, and embracing the messy enormity of all we are facing. She describes her personal journey, how her own thinking and practice has informed New Constellations’, and why she believes transforming our systems requires an inside-out and outside-in strategy.
Under Jo’s leadership a beautiful audio practice has become central to how we work, including by using audio as a key research tool with our encounters, and as a powerful element of our journeys. In his new blog, Jo shares a moving account of the ways audio has helped us connect voices across diverse groups and help people feel seen and heard as part of a larger whole.
You can explore all our 50+ audio encounters, including those from our journeys, here or by searching ‘New Constellations’ wherever you listen to podcasts.
Thank you for reading and for all of your support, we hope you enjoy learning more about how we have worked. 
Do please share any pieces that resonate with you, and we would love to hear any feedback, questions or reflections you have as we prepare our chrysalis.
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