I started climbing at age 14, and cut my teeth on the Yorkshire gritstone edges. We lived in Leeds so there was lots of choice of venue.    
It wasn’t long before we ventured to the Peak District, North Wales, Cornwall, Lundy and Ireland. In 1982 I emigrated to South Africa, to take up an engineering post in the City Council of Johannesburg. Shortly thereafter I joined the MCSA, and climbed with Terry White and Som Morkel, who took me under their wings. In the next few years there were trips to Spitzkoppe, the Berg, Natal and Blouberg. Other climbing trips included France (Verdon), Peru, and San Lorenzo (Argentina). 
But the rock always drew me back. My OCD personality wouldn’t let go; in 1999, Heather and I climbed 365 pitches, ‘a pitch a day’, with only one rest weekend.
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Later on I visited Yosemite four times, returned to southern France, Canada (Lotus Flower Tower) and made several trips to the Cape Cederberg.  Many of these trips with Paul Fatti.
We run and cycle now, but still have great memories and friendships from our climbing days. I ‘lived to tell’ (the stories), and I am most grateful for that.
The rock is special, but the friendships are what matter.

Join us for our this talk at the Clubhouse (11 Oorbietjie Rd, Robin Hills, Randburg, 2194) on 27th March at 6 pm, with the official meeting starting at 6:30 pm.
We encourage you to arrive early, from 6 pm, to enjoy snacks and drinks and catch up with fellow members. It's a great opportunity to socialize and discuss our shared passion for mountaineering before we dive in.


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A group of hikers and climbers from Magalies and Johannesburg section gathered at Tweedledee for a weekend exploit. On Saturday morning, two climbing parties set off to conquer the Tonquani Complex challenge: four climbs, one per kloof, in a day (Upper Tonquani, Cedarbergkloof, Boulderkloof and Lower Tonquani). 
The hikers set off on a venture which ended with folk visiting new areas and getting a sense of how the kloofs fit together – along with various dips and slips into cool bodies of water on the way. Those awake in the early hours of the morning were gifted with nightjar, Scops owl and Spotted eagle-owl calls. 
On Sunday some folk headed home in the morning. Others were pleased that the approaching storm politely passed by and allowed for some more climbing, swimming and a cup of tea at the base of Boulder kloof to wrap up a wonderful weekend.
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