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Dear friend,
Spring has us in the mood for everything fresh, clean, and organized. With the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, and the sun shining (most of the time), we are excited to dive into another month.
a few things highlighted this month:
  1. We have two different classes this month! Learn more about out MASTERMIND and FLORAL workshops below.
  2. Fun new products available, just in time for the MADE IN TUCSON market on Sunday April 7th. We hope to see you there!
  3. A column from THE HEART'S MIRROR, all about getting ourselves organized and inspired during this new season.
  4. We are sponsoring Melania and Daniela for the 4th Ave. CHILDREN'S ENTREPRENEUR MARKET, and we are so excited. Learn more in this month's newsletter!
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The smell and taste of spring is here, and in full effect! From our Arizona outdoor blossoms brought from the cool weather breeze, fun baking, and spring cleaning, we can’t help but be aware of the opportunities and the choice for new beginnings all around us. I believe every season that unfolds reminds us of what matters in the moment, and is a prelude of what is to come, so we must chose well!
After over six sweet weeks with my newborn baby girl, I have slipped into spring wide awake to newness. Truly, forced to choose where I spend my time with what I value most. Will it be time with a friend, a client, strategizing on new products for the shop, clearing out my storage unit, or simply taking a nap!
It’s interesting that how we actually spend our time paints the picture of what we value most (screaming absolutely allowed). I don’t know about you, but I’ve really struggled with that for a while. Realizing I’m wanting everything all at once - giving away so many “Yes’es” and hoping things will just fall into place by doing what I thought to be the best thing. At some point, you pause or are forced to pause and evaluate what’s worth your “Yes” and what needs your “No”.
We all have certain capacities. Although our desires may often exceed them, what truly is in question is what we value most in the moment. 
Moreover, being certain what we chose keeps us in alignment with what we are wanting for the future. Have you asked yourself this lately? If we are wanting the intentional, meaningful life: what choices are you making to get there? How are you being mindful of your daily time spent? Does what you value even fit in your everyday walk?
This month we are focusing on our core values in our everyday life.  Please don’t be shy: you are not alone if you are feeling prompts for a mind shift. Join us as we unfold the unraveling beauty of living intentional with our values in the newness of this spring season. I really believe that all the work is worth all the joy - it’s just so much better muddying through this together.
See you in class or at the shop!
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As a Professional Organizer and Master KonMari Consultant, I approach spring cleaning with boundless enthusiasm! Spring is not just a season of renewal for nature but also for our homes and minds. It's a time to refresh our living spaces, releasing clutter and welcoming in newfound clarity and joy. With the KonMari method as my guiding light, I encourage my clients to embrace the process wholeheartedly, focusing on what truly sparks joy in their lives. Together, we embark on a journey of tidying and organizing, transforming chaos into harmony. As the vibrant colors of spring bloom outside, our homes become sanctuaries of peace and serenity within. So let's roll up our sleeves, declutter with gusto, and usher in the season of renewal with open arms and tidy spaces! I'm here to be your loving and compassionate support.
Discover the ultimate guide to keeping your home tidy with our DIY book, REAL SPACES! I had the honor to collaborate with the author of this amazing book featuring 24 organizers across the country. Say goodbye to clutter and chaos as you embark on a journey to transform your living space into a haven of order and tranquility. Packed with practical tips, step-by-step instructions, and expert advice, this book empowers you to take control of your environment and create a home that truly reflects your style and personality. From organizing closets to decluttering countertops, our book equips you with the tools and inspiration you need to conquer clutter once and for all. Embrace the joy of tidying up and unlock the potential of your home with our essential DIY guide.
written by radha
The Heart's Mirror
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We are sponsoring Melania and Daniela
 for the 4th Ave. Children's Entrepreneur Market
Join the fun Saturday April 6th (same day as our workshops). The market runs from 10-1.
Learn more about the girls below!
Meet Meli and Dani, not just cousins but the epitome of "cousin-sisters", best friends forever, and now dynamic business partners! Together, they orchestrate exquisite floral arrangements tailored for every occasion. Their signature creations, known as "Eternal Flowers", crafted from ribbon, promise everlasting beauty, ensuring that every cherished gift remains timeless.
Meli and Dani's passion for crafting together has turned into a fun learning experience where they get to learn the basics of finance, marketing strategies, supply chain dynamics, and the essence of entrepreneurship.
follow their journey on Instagram @eternalflowersz
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we hope you are feeling inspired for the month ahead! until next time,