Well, spring is officially here. And for me, that means it’s time to purge!
Old clothes, bad energy, people pleasing … social media! It’s gone.
I survived a few weeks without Instagram. It was tough at first, but the break and the anonymity that goes with it was so nice. Not constantly being exposed to what others are doing is so refreshing.
I’ve been quieter, sitting with my thoughts and just focusing on the things that matter — my health, work, family, having a good time with friends and being present with my daughter.  There’s so much clarity to gain when you aren’t distracted.
Moments like these help me take a step towards personal growth. I hope you can find  grow and flourish this season, too. 

The Psychology Behind Design
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“When some people meet me, they think to become a designer, I just had to learn about interior design principles, and theories.  But what people don’t realize is how much I had to learn about human and environmental psychology.  In fact, it was one of my favorite classes at Pratt. Environmental / human factors in design explains how space is influenced by the local culture, politics, economics, and people’s own personal beliefs.”
Benz Bling and Big Brands — All Bets Are on Hospitality 



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