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Capital Prime April 2024 Newsletter
Don't be caught in the April showers, pop into Capital Prime for a culinary vacation that is sure to make your taste buds bloom. As the weather begins to warm and the sun shines, we look forward to welcoming you to dine or just enjoy a libation on our beautiful patio. Come and enjoy our new offerings of new seasonal entrées and refreshing new hand-crafted cocktails.
Cheers to Spring!
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Chef's Corner: You Can’t Forge A Morel
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Here we are, we’ve made it through the madness of Easter, likely most of the snow, gardens are pushing up tulips and daffodils;  and we’re stretching our legs back out of the house after a short winter. The tradition of Michiganders forging for mushrooms continues to go strong, and the race begins to find these little treasures!
Morels mushrooms typically grow on the edges of wooded areas, particularly oak, elm, aspen, and ash trees. Especially around the base of dead or dying trees. There is one very important rule of thumb when it comes to foraging for morels, you can never ask anyone where their spot is! That is top-secret information. There are public maps, however that can help assist where public hot spots are.
What do you do with the mushrooms once you get them home? Give the mushroom a quick slice lengthwise and give it a quick 20-minute soak in salt water to help get all of the bugs and dirt out. 
There are endless methods of preparation for these little gold gems. The standard Michigander way is to toss the mushrooms in flour to coat and cook over medium heat in melted butter until golden brown. If you really scored big with your haul and have a dehydrator on hand, you can hydrate in the future and make morel liquor from your hydrating water! It’s a great way to infuse morel flavor into sauces.
If you aren’t into the foraging aspect but are sold on the morels, we keep them on hand here at Capital Prime for our delicious drunken mushroom morel cream sauce, a fantastic addition to any of our delicious prime steaks. 
Jennifer Miller
Executive Chef

Through the Grapevine
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Spring has sprung! Can you believe it is April already? The scarcity of snow and the absence of warmth over the winter months has me eager to embrace the upcoming sunshine! I love to see the splendor of the flower buds blooming and trees dancing with life as the world turns into a cornucopia of colors! A particularly important aspect in aiding the new growth of the season is the soil. This leads to the inspiration of this month's article! Let's get dirty!
When planting your own gardens, whether vegetables or flowers, we all know how important it is to choose the right type of soil.  The burden of choosing the right soil for wine-makers is multifaceted and complex to ensure a plentiful harvest.
The ideal soil for grape vines is a deep, loamy soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0, with a balance of organic matter. To have a thriving crop, certain nutrients should be present. Nitrogen is essential for grape growth; Phosphorus helps with root development, Potassium to strengthen the vine’s shoots and leaves, Calcium promotes growth; and Magnesium prevents nutrient deficiencies in the vine. Whew! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of science! Luckily, there are many places that will test your soil and tell you what it needs to ensure your soil is optimal for healthy crops.
Cultivating grapes will require you to test physical soil properties; texture, structure, porosity, compaction, organic matter levels, as well as grade.  Each of the previously mentioned criteria determines how well water, air, and nutrients move through the soil to help your grapes grow; it is essential to ensure a good balance in order to grow both healthy and vigorous vines that will thrive.  
Location is another important aspect of gardening.  Grapes require 6 to 8 hours of direct sun daily in order to ripen properly. Next time you are enjoying your favorite varietal, know that lots of love, care, and science went into each beautiful glass!
Let the sun shine in!
Heather Hulett
General Manager

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