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"This is the perfume of March: rain, loam, feathers, mint." - Lisa Kleypas
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Narrated by Veronica Fox & Jason Clarke
Narrated by Devon Grace & Thomas Oakley
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We've got a sports theme going on here, but don't worry, no basketball. I'm sure you're getting enough of that with March Madness!
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SFN: What inspired you to record audiobooks?
TO: I love great stories. I especially enjoy hearing stories being told through voice only. You can hear the emotion in the narrative and dialogue without the distraction of visual cues. It is a different way to experience a story. I wanted to be a part of that experience.
SFN: When you read for pleasure, what is your go-to genre?
TO: I'm a fan of memoirs and autobiographies. I want to learn from others and their experiences.
SFN: What's your favorite part of the narrating process?
TO: My favorite part of narrating is performing first-person narrative. I enjoy the experience of walking in another person's shoes.
SFN: What's your pre-recording ritual?
TO: I make sure I am mentally centered and focused. My goal is to completely immerse myself into the story.
SFN: How did you learn to narrate audiobooks?
TO: I worked with coaches, other narrators, and listened to hundreds of audiobooks.
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