How to Break Free from Boredom
Stop Choosing to Be Bored
Have you ever caught yourself watching the clock, feeling miserable, hoping for time to fly by? It’s a feeling that people know very well. But what if I told you that boredom is really just a signal from your mind telling you it’s time to get up and do something?
Thank about it. When was the last time you felt bored?
Let me guess…was it during a mindless scroll through your phone, or maybe flipping through channels on the TV? Either way, it involves inactivity. Yet, I’ve heard people tell me that this is just a normal part of daily life.
If you think that way, then let me ask you this: couldn’t you have been doing something else instead? Is there a language you’ve wanted to learn? Is there a business idea you want to research further? Why not get a quick workout in? I mean, anything really.
Which brings me to my point today: the key to overcoming boredom in life is proactive habits.
The feeling of boredom is normal. It’s classified as an emotion that reflects a lack of interest, stimulation, or a challenge. It has the ability to destroy your mental well-being as well as your productivity, but it’s also something more.
It’s also a sign.

Boredom isn’t a state of lacking fun, it’s a lack of meaningful action. This feeling overtakes us when our habits don’t challenge us or align with our goals. It’s been studied at length for years. It’s a fact that when we engage in meaningful activities, we’re less likely to feel bored.
But don’t confuse this with obligations. We’ve all been to places and events where it may not be something that interests us, but perhaps we’re expected to be there to support a friend or family member. Sure, you may count the minutes until the end of the school play so you don’t have to sit on the uncomfortable bleachers anymore, but being there is a choice isn’t it? You are choosing to support someone. Why complain or be bitter about that?
Let that scenario be a reminder to you, boredom is a choice.
And with the right habits and mindset, it’s a choice you shouldn’t ever have to make. If you’re obligated to do something that you don’t consider enjoyable, that is a mindset choice. If it’s your own life and you are just counting down minutes until your next meal or bedtime, then that is a lack of activity choice.
Consider the world we live in today. There are so many opportunities to learn, grow, and discover new things in so many different ways. You just have to make a choice to do it. We have more avenues to explore knowledge than ever before, so why would anyone choose inactivity and boredom?
The answer to that question lies within the habits and choices we make on a daily basis.
if you leave your boredom unchecked, expect to experience little to no satisfaction in your life.
It is a well-studied fact that boredom can serve as a driving force that can push us to do great things and explore new interests. But…and this is a big one, if you leave your boredom unchecked, expect to experience little to no satisfaction in your life. This too supports my point that it’s critical to engage in proactive activities that align with our interests and goals.
I would even go as far to say that boredom isn’t just a lack of things to do (there is always something to do), it’s a signal that we are not engaging the world around us in a way that fulfills us.
I talk a lot about habits, and it’s a fact that the habits we have play a major role in shaping our daily experiences. Habits are the building blocks of routines, and it’s those daily routines that influence our mental and physical health, our productivity, self-esteem, and even our relationships with others…and ourselves.
Consider your days off. This is where most people fall into the trap of choosing to be bored. On your days off, it’s essential to take inventory on how you spend your time. The choices we make on these days are especially important because time is not an obstacle.
That is one of the main points I want you to take away from this. No one should choose to be unhappy. When boredom or the inability to think of what to do hits you, it’s the choices you make in response to those feelings that will either help you grow or keep you stagnant.
So remember, while boredom is a familiar feeling, it should never act as a full stop to your day. Think of it as a comma, just a pause that asks you, “What’s next?”
Like I said, it’s normal to feel bored sometimes, but it’s what you do with it that defines you. Will you let boredom take your day, or are you strong enough to take back control of your day and turn it into a platform for growth?
Think about it, when boredom strikes, it’s not a dead end, it’s more of a crossroad with one path leading to a stagnant, unfulfilled, (dare I say, boring?) life, and the other leads to new experiences, new knowledge, and new opportunities. Trying new things can be a little intimidating sometimes, but it beats the dullness of doing nothing.
And if you fail at something new…so what! At least you’re moving forward! 
Failure isn’t the enemy, it’s a tough-love teacher that shows the world you’re trying and you’re learning. There is nothing wrong with that.
So, here’s the challenge I want to leave you with today. Next time boredom creeps up on you, push back on it. Write something, cook something, go for a jog. And when you do it, notice the shift in your mindset. It’s a well-known fact that engaging in new activities boosts both your mood and brain health.
But now it’s your turn. Share your stories with me. What have you done to get rid of boredom? How did it change your day? Did it change your life?

I want to hear how you turned “I’m bored”, into a new opportunity.
And if you haven’t had that moment yet, it’s time to get excited about the possibilities.
Are you in?
I'll see you in the next one,
-Steven Williams

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