April 3, 2024
Spring hours:
Sun: Closed
Mon-Fri: 9:30-5
ThUrsday: 9:30-7
Sat: 9:30-5
Euro Thai @ 5
PGH Gardening trivia @ 6
1st place wins a $100 PGH gift card!!!!
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Hey there!!
Join us this Thursday night! Euro Thai will have their food truck setup at 5 pm. We will then have a PGH Gardening Trivia Game starting at 6. 1st place: $100 PGH Gift Card, 2nd place: $50 PGH Gift Card, 3rd place: $25 PGH Gift Card! Should be a ton of fun! I hope you can make it!
Lawn Care Program sign up is going strong! Click here for a brochure showing options and pricing! Our LCPs gives you easy scheduled lawn care maintenance. We send out reminders for each round! Just come in now-April 1st to get started today!
We have some gorgeous hanging baskets and other large mixed containers that are great for right now! You can just set them into your pots and if it is going to freeze simply pull them out and set them inside over night!
Below are different tips, tricks, and things we have gotten in for the spring season:
  • Veggies are starting to get big! We have a great supply of plant starts for you to choose from!
  • We are starting to receive some shrubbery and knock out roses. Yes we have lilacs and snow ball bushes!
  • Freshen up your mulch! Great time to add mulch to flower beds for water retention! It also makes the bare beds look clean and orderly! We have multiple options; dyed, cypress, cedar, pine, pecan, etc.
  • Crucial time to think about pre-emerge to prevent more pesky weeds from coming up! We have options with fertilizer and without. Most pre-emerge products last about 90 days so it is important to remember to reapply July 1st and Oct 1st.
  • Seeing the EVIL Purple Flower Weed? It is Henbit. Right now is a great time to spray Fertilome Weed Free Zone throughout the yard. It kills all broadleaf plants and works great in these cooler nights!
  • We have received our bulk Soil Mix. It is $85 for a front end loader scoop (~25 cf). We also have bulk Cotton Burr Compost same quantity for $100. Both products are great for building a raised bed, amending flower beds, filling holes in the yard, etc.
  • We are bringing in Polywood furniture on a weekly basis. If there is anything specific you are looking for than come out soon and we can get it ordered to be here in time for spring/summer!
  • Our seed selection is nearly fully stocked! Hurry out today for garden/flower seed, seed starting supplies and more!
  • Cotton Burr Compost is on sale!!! 2 cu ft. bags $10.99 Now 3 for $30!
See you all soon
New product!
Specials for week!
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Cotton Burr Compost
2 cu ft bags
$10.99 ea
3 for $30
See you soon!
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