It is my honor + pleasure to
to empower you with this inspiring music 
featuring Olelo Hawaii + Oli
(Hawaiian language + chant) 
that my Kumu A'ia'i Bello taught me.
I decided to birth this new music with today's New Moon Solar Eclipse. 
A time of letting go of what is not working in our lives, and allowing change by surrendering to a new way of being.
As many of you know, I lived on the North Shore of Oahu for 18 years and my move to Kauai in 2024 was inspired by love and a new way of being.
I've dreamed of living my life more sustainably, living off of food (mea ‘ai)  that I have grown and harvested, and building a life with my beloved. 
This dream is coming to fruition, as I sing it into life.
These lyrics were written at my partner Makai's family farm near Makaleha (the misty mountain mentioned in the song) on a rainy (ka ua) morning.
The Oli (Hawaiian chant) in the song comes from 
the Kumulipo (creation chant of Hawaii), describing the birth of the 
sacred Kalo (taro) plant, which is featured on the cover art.
May we continue to bring back indigenous practices 
to support life on Earth.

I hope you love this song as much as I do:) 
Me Ke Aloha,

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