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I'm sharing a few things I’m doing to bring Spring into my house, wardrobe and kitchen. 
I don’t know about you, but I’m always like what do I even wear - and what comes between Christmas decorations and Summer flowers besides Easter eggs?

Apparently, Gold Is old and Silver is in

Old Navy is crushing right now
I am usually a buy-nice-stuff-and-wear-it-a-million-times kind of gal. However, sometimes a budget haul can be a great way to test new colors and bring in a few trendy pieces that you don’t feel like you have to be married to for the rest of your life. 
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I’m a sucker for button-down shirts and this one with the amazing color options is a great way to usher in Spring colors. And you know I bought these pink ankle-strap shoes. I know, cheap shoes are risky - but these are actually comfortable and aren't something I'll wearing daily. And yep, I bought these orange pants. Risky addition, but a fun way to bring a color I never wear into my wardrobe.

Put away the plush and bring in the linen

Fresh herbs signal spring 
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When I cook for the family in spring, I like to transition from warm, earthy flavors to bright, fresh options.
This Basil Vinaigrette is an easy glow-up for our food. Dump on fresh salads, over sweet potatoes, or as a substitute for pesto in a sandwich. 
I love her tip on blanching the basil so the salad dressing doesn't turn a creepy brownish-greenish gross color. After all, we eat with our eyes! 

Would love to hear how you and your family are ushering in Spring! 🙂
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