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Well, that didn’t go as planned.
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“And just maybe I
Can convince time to slow up
Giving me enough time
In my life to grow up
Time, be my friend, let me start again”

The above is an excerpt of the song, Home (sung by Diana Ross) from one of my favorite films, The Wiz. Throughout life, the lyrics have taken on a deeper meaning, particularly as the passage of time seems to accelerate with age and the responsibilities of parenthood. I am at an age where time feels unfair.  
So, Q1 didn't go as planned. I set goals for my home, personal, and business life. Despite not meeting all the goals, when I allowed myself to reflect, I realized how I spent my time was congruent with one of my persistent and primary goals: to be more present with and mindful of my family, friends, colleagues, and me.  
Echoing the song's sentiment, I desire to "convince time to slow up," recognizing that while time cannot be controlled, one's experience and utilization of it can. For me, it often involves intentional rest and breaking away from the daily grind whenever feasible. This last week, our family took a spontaneous spring break road trip and celebrated my husband's 40th birthday! The uninterrupted quality time was restorative.  

So, yes, I’ll have to reset my goals for the year. Quite frankly, “failing” Q1 revealed I was doing too much and needed to focus. I’m giving myself the freedom to be better friends with time. 
What about you? How do you slow down time? Reply and let me know!

Spring Refresh
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