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Spring has sprung, with leaves unfurling and greenery sprouting all around us. April, with its sense of renewal and vitality, is a good time to take stock of our own wellbeing – and so it seems fitting to coincide with Stress Awareness Month. This year’s theme, Little by Little, highlights “the transformative impact of consistent, small positive actions on over-all wellbeing”. An element of stress is to be expected in a fast-paced world, but according to recent research, 74% of adults have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope due to stress within the last year. Most people report work-related issues as the main source of stress, so having a good work/life balance and being able to disconnect from work during free time are important. Little by Little is a message that resonates in our increasingly busy and disorientating lives. At Nova, we now promote a "no out-of-work-hours email or messaging" approach. Just one in a variety of small steps we can take to make things a little better.
In this month's edition, we offer a couple of other opportunities that may help manage stress: free mindfulness sessions with our friends at The School of Meditation; and The School of Humanity, our event offering those subjected to stereotypes or labels a chance to take control of their narratives. Why not try them out?
Looking back
A fun-packed holiday
Easter treats
There were trips exploring history at the Tower of London and Hampton Court; staying active with the Chelsea FC Foundation and mini golf; animal antics at London Zoo and Freightliners Farm; and experiencing the arts and science at the Invention Rooms, Science Museum, and the Southbank Centre. These were just some of the 24 trips and activities enjoyed by over 150 adults and 200 children (600+ attendances).
Well done, Family Programme!
Coming up
** Rescheduled Session **
Need a hand?
Nova's IAG team will be on hand to help you set and meet personal budgeting goals, as well as access support from other local organisations. Drop by and speak to one of our friendly expert advisors.
11:30am - 1pm
Thursday, 25th April
Baseline Studios, W11
For details call: 020 8960 2488
The power of food
Cooking up a storm  
We are thrilled to announce a new project that illustrates the deep connection between food and culture. 
Some of our young people will take part in a series of cooking classes featuring cuisines from diverse cultures, including Afghan, Congolese, Moroccan, and Iranian. Led by chefs from Migrateful, culinary skills will be enhanced and horizons expanded through food. This is a youth-led project, with all detailed planning performed by the young people themselves. We can't wait to see what they whip up!
New term, new learning
Spring forward
Our fantastic tutors are ready to give you all the support you need to help you move onwards and upwards. Sign up today for one of our popular free Adult Education courses and see where new knowledge and skills can take you. 
For details call: 020 8960 2488
Join the team!
Taking on the challenge
We wrap up this newsletter with a look towards early next month, 2nd of May to be precise, when many of us will be heading out to vote in local or mayoral elections, including for the Mayor of London. No matter who you support, it’s crucial to know how to use your vote. Also, remember there’s a new requirement this year: you’ll need to show a piece of ID at the polling station. For more details on what types of ID you can use and other voting info, read this BBC guide  - or you can visit the Electoral Commission website
Your vote, your voice.
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