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I spent the past week running around Manhattan--and experienced just about every season in that time too--and it was a good thing I was so busy because it kept me from hopping on social media and talking allllll about this book! 
So, I can finally say: I am absolutely tickled to announce Change of Heart coming June 25! I hope you're ready to come back to Boston with me! I have some new faces I can't wait for you to meet!
The ebook preorder is now available. Paperback and (possibly) audio preorders to come. If you're into Goodreads, add it on to your TBR too!
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There are a few spots available on my ARC Team. If you're interested in reading and reviewing an early copy of Change of Heart, signup here! 
Also: that's not the cover! Just a bit of the aesthetic and inspiration. I'll be back to share the cover with you in a few weeks. Until then, I have some new recommendations for you. Stay well, my friend!
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On my reading list this month:
The Professor by Skye Warren. I love Skye Warren's books for a twisty, steamy good time and this one delivers on all those promises. We have secret societies, we have oops, he's my professor and oops, he's my ex's dad and we have some age gap and a few other spicy bits that email service providers would toss me in time-out for mentioning. 
Between Never and Forever by Shain Rose. True to type, I've read this series out of order. Each book features a billionaire brother in some kind of relationship pickle--an arranged marriage, a fake dating for the business setup, and here we have a fake engagement with a best friend's brother. Say no more. I'm there. All over it. These books are also twisty, steamy good times. We're in a twisty, steamy time this week, my friend!
The Letters We Keep by Nisha Sharma. In a departure from the twists and the paint-peeling steam, we have this emotional, layered tale of two total opposites who find themselves chasing down the mystery behind some very old love letters they found in the university library--and falling for each other in the process. This grumpy/sunshine college romance is one April's Amazon Prime First Reads and available for zero pennies to Prime members. For the rest of the world, it hits shelves May 1.

In case you missed it:
Randomly: The cooling blanket I think everyone needs and the earbuds for tiny ears since we all have tiny ears. 
A new look for Shucked! There's a map of Friendship, RI in the front of the redesigned paperback and original orange paperback is still available here. The audio will arrive summer of 2024 from narrators Jason Clarke and Christine Lakin.

Typos and broken links happen. It's okay. The earth is very hot and fragile, and so are we.
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