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May 2024 Newsletter

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To all mothers, whether you're celebrating your first Mother's Day or have embraced the joy motherhood for years we want to wish you a day filled with love and cherished memories with your loved ones.
 Happy Mother's Day! 
We celebrate you not just today, but every day.
xo, Gina
We're happy to report that our vision for the Santa Ysabel General Store is steadily coming to life! Our team has been hard at work, and we're excited to give you a glimpse below of amazing things to come.
Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us. 
The Santa Ysabel General Store

prepared to be amazed…
 by our local artist Leslie Carey's incredible work! 

 A Mothers Love
gentle, selfless, generous, patient, nurturing 
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and everlasting
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made with love!
From my earliest childhood memories, Grandma Dora was always baking these delightful little cakes for our family. This cherished recipe, passed down from her mother, holds a special place in our hearts. I treasure it dearly and take joy in sharing it with you.
Happy Mother's Day!
xo, Gina

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