April 2024
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Group Leader Newsletter
Leaders Lead Leaders
According to leadership expert and best-selling author John C. Maxwell, multiplying leaders is “the single greatest investment you can make because it produces the single greatest return". In Scripture we see Jesus model this in His relationship with His Disciples.  Throughout His documented years in ministry, Jesus spent significant time in prayer and worship to God the Father, and in the preaching and teaching to the multitudes. He also spent much of his time leading and training leaders.  How are you leading and encouraging the leaders in your life this season?  How are you growing as a leader yourself?  We will be praying for each you in your leadership journey, and for the multiplication of leaders as the fruit of discipleship in our church!  Remember, Leaders lead leaders!
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A Culture of Discipleship starts first with disciples.  As Jesus’ Disciples, our first responsibility is to be with Him, before we can be for Him. As we strive to KNOW GOD in fresh ways, our desire to GROW in COMMUNITY will bloom.
With this growth, we will cultivate culture and “toil the soil”, while striving to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in God’s Kingdom and in our community. I pray this Discipleship journey you are on is a blessing.
Lauren Falconer
Discipleship Pastor