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First name / Signing Families, here's your weekly baby Sign & Sing class printable!
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This month:
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Click to grab the printable for the songs we sing at the beginning of each class:
It makes me so happy to meet you for baby sign language classes on Kinedu! 
I hope you love learning with me, it really is my happy place teaching new families how to sign together. 
See you soon for more singing and signing on Kinedu!
Keep singing and signing, First name / Kinedu Families!
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No longer registered on Kinedu? 
You can still join me for weekly virtual Sing & Sign classes for $5/class right here.
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Hi there!
I'm Lee Ann, Kinedu's baby sign language expert., mom of two big cuties, and joy seeker.
→ I've been teaching my signature baby sign classes for over 15 years, and I know how to keep things fun and effective.
Come follow me!
I keep active on Facebook and my heart is with Instagram to keep you learning about signs and signing with your families.
*My website has a page for FAQ's, virtual classes, my full class schedule and more.
Word of mouth is my favourite way to meet new clients because they're always so excited for their babies to learn signs like you! Please feel free to tell them all about our classes.