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You may have noticed my instagram profile photo is now this one - taken in the tulip fields in the town of Lisse in The Netherlands.
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One of the many tulip fields we biked past in Lisse.
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A private tulip field we were given access to in which we could take photographs

This Month in the Garden
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The prettiest month
There is SO much color in my yard and garden right now!! The kwanza cherry tree is in full bloom - and has grown so much since I planted it. I just love those fluffy pink blooms!
The back garden is in FULL bloom right now. The pink and white tulips are doing a little dance and putting on a beautiful show. The little white azalea bushes should be in bloom next week and I see more leaves on the hydrangea bushes.
There is even some unexpected color. The Menton tulips, which are the ones we plant on the exterior of the house, got swapped out (unauthorized) by a grower because the Mentons ran low due to a bad crop. I would have been happy to plant a different bulb, so I am disappointed that they just tried to pass them off as the real thing. Now….I have pretty orange (yes, orange) tulips. Therefore, there won't be any photos of the traditional pretty pink tulips. 
But, a wise friend suggested that when the world gives you oranges…you should just make mimosas! Though disappointing, I am keeping it in perspective. There are real problems in the world and this is not one of them. 
I'm just going to focus on the back garden, which is winning “best in show” this year!
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This year's new pink bloom, Finola, next to the white, Catherina, which I've planted before.
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I'm pleased to share that my bespoke tulip stationery & cocktail napkins are now available at:
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Little House Shop | Wayne, PA
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All of our rooms had pink tulips in Delft vases and the cutest little chocolate clogs!
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Upon check in, we were given the opportunity to choose our preferred Cire Trudon room spray that they would use each night for turn down. 
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After we finished our floral class, the arrangements were delivered to our hotel, while we went on to our next activity. We got to enjoy the blooms in our hotel rooms for the remainder of our stay and enjoy as the blooms opened up!

Amsterdam Favorites
Buffet van Odette
Cafe Caron
Cafe Georgette
De Kas
Secret Garden
The Duchess
Arrange flowers in a private workshop
Buy some original Delft
Cruise the canals on a private boat
Enjoy the Guerlain spa at the Waldorf
Learn about tulip growers and their history
Ride bicycles
Spend a morning at Keukenhof
Tiptoe through the tulip fields
Tour the Anne Frank House
Visit the Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum
Walk the cobblestone streets
Wander through the Van Loon House & Garden
Happy Mother's Day
to all the mothers and the others who support, love and nurture us!
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LivE Give
 Until next time…  xxElizabeth