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I am so excited to finally share the cover and synopsis for Change of Heart with you! June 25 cannot come fast enough!
Grey’s Anatomy meets a gender-swapped Wedding Crashers in this spicy rom-com about a one-night stand with The One, walking the tightrope of love and workplace ethics, and knowing which rules are worth breaking.
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Every summer, superstar surgeon Whitney Aldritch crashes weddings with her best friend. The first one was an accident though after a decade of dropping in uninvited, they’re masters of their craft. They keep the rules simple and they never go to bed alone.
Then there’s Henry Hazlette, best man and the best one-night stand of Whit’s summer. She never imagined she’d see him again but now he’s one of her new surgical residents—and completely off-limits.
Whitney has staked her reputation on leading the hospital’s new ethics initiative. While Henry is under her supervision, they have to keep it professional. But it doesn’t help that she can’t turn around without running face-first into his offensively broad chest or rubbing up against him in crammed elevators. Also not helping: the way he smiles at her like he can hear her every not-safe-for-work thought.
All they have to do is survive this residency—and the accidental tarot card readings that hit too close to home, a few uninvited houseguests, and the hospital’s hyperactive rumor mill—but only if they’re prepared to bend some rules as the feelings go from just for tonight to get it out of our systems to mine.

Ebook and paperback preorders are now available! As of today's mailing, the paperback preorder is only showing up in US stores but other territories should come online soon.
There are a few open slots on my Advance Reviewer Copy list for Change of Heart available. If you're interested in reading and reviewing an early copy, sign up here.
I'll be back in a few weeks to announce the narrators who are already hard at work bringing Whit and Henry to life. 
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In case you missed it:
I'll be attending the RomCon Festival in Ashland, MA on May 18 with a bunch of amazing author friends and I will have just a few early paperbacks of Change of Heart with me. Let me know if I'll be seeing you there!
Little Star Farms gear! Novel Grounds still has t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and stickers in stock. Rumor has it they'll have art prints coming soon too!
Shucked is (finally) coming to audio! Narrators Jason Clarke and Christine Lakin just wrapped work on the audio production and it will be available July 16! I should have a preorder for you within a few weeks.
Randomly: The cooling blanket I think everyone needs (so you can be cozy but also cool/survive all seasons of life without sweating your buns off!) and the earbuds for tiny ears since we all seem to have tiny ears. 

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