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Introducing our Smart Home Pilot Project! Visit the Smart Home landing page, explore the technology through a video, and learn how you can get involved!
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We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Smart Home Pilot Project, where innovation meets accessibility. This model will provide a specially designed smart home for the people we serve. From voice-activated assistants to automated lighting and climate control, this project aims to enhance accessibility, independence, and quality of life for those we support. Similar models in other states have shown the ability to increase independence for adults with disabilities while also illustrating more effective utilization of direct support hours, amid a nationwide staffing shortage. Click here to visit our Smart Home Landing Page: the central hub for information about this project!
Explore potential technology 
inside our Smart Home!
The power of partnerships:
How 'CTA' champions our vision
One of the most valuable aspects of this project is the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded organizations. We would like to highlight one of our funding partners, Consumers Technology Association Foundation.  We could not be more thankful for their support as we make this innovative model a reality. 
CTA Foundation's mission is to collaborate with and support organizations that leverage technology to assist seniors and people with disabilities. They saw value in our Smart Home Pilot project and shared our vision of giving people with disabilities increased independence, freedom, and autonomy.
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