Facts About Medical Consultations
As a single mom, an inherent caregiver, constant gardener and a human above all else, I see the full humanity in people and I believe in your worthiness.

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Why are you offering this service?
Once I became a nurse, I unwittingly turned into the “point person” for family and friends for medical questions. Navigating America’s healthcare system is incredibly complex. At times it can be mind boggling even for medical professionals. This became an even more prominent role in my social circle once I became a nurse practitioner. I walked through cancer with my sister from diagnosis to end of life. After this experience it became clear that someone needed to offer this service to the broader community, and that I was that someone. Primary care providers and specialists alike are overburdened and busy. They want to do right by their patients, but their schedules are packed. Working with insurance companies can be incredibly challenging. In the modern medical office you may feel so rushed that you don’t get all your questions answered or don’t even know what questions you have until you have gotten home and had a chance to think. 
What makes you qualified to offer these consultations?
I have extensive experience working with the Department of Disability Services in Washington, D.C. doggedly advocating for patients to get the care and services that they deserve and need. I know how to help you work within the system to get things done! My varied training and experience in nursing also provide me with a unique skillset. I have seen time and again how a consultation with a neutral third party who is well-versed in the rocky terrain of modern medical care can make all the difference. 
What conditions do you do consultations for?
I am currently offering consultations for:
-Autoimmune conditions
-End of Life
-Chronic diseases requiring specialty care. 
Why are your medical consultations not covered by insurance?
I am providing you with education, advocacy and advice regarding navigating the healthcare system. These services are not currently covered by insurance. You can be assured that the guidance is not biased by outside financial motives. I am strictly focused on you and your needs. 
How long are the consultations and how much do they cost?
The consultations are $250 per hour. Generally they are one hour long. If you feel you need additional assistance from me, we can schedule another visit. 
If I am discussing end of life care with you, what am I getting from you that I will not get from my hospice provider?
Hospice services are fairly strictly defined. Once you sign on with an agency providing hospice care, you receive social work, nursing, nurse’s aide, and pastoral care services. You may have questions that fall outside of the realm of these services. You may need additional information from a trusted source about what to expect given your situation or how to ask questions of your providers. I am here to help with that. 
If I am discussing a chronic condition with you, what are you doing that my specialist isn’t doing?
I am here to teach you about your chronic condition. My training in mental health and nursing also allows me to draw out of you the questions you may have for your specialists. This will leave you better prepared for your next visit. My services do not replace what your specialist provides but enhance it. Taking medications as ordered and following the good advice of your specialist is crucial. But as a nurse practitioner my view of patients is often more holistic. I can help you understand what you can do in addition to following the advice of your specialist that will help you be in the best health possible. 
Do you come to my appointments with me? Are you talking to my doctors? Are you coming to the hospital to see me if I get hospitalized?
I do not come to appointments with you. I am not currently making visits to patients in the hospital. Your primary relationship should be between you and your provider. I am there to help you have a stronger relationship with your provider in a challenging time. I will answer the questions your provider may not have had the time to answer during your visit. I will also help you formulate questions for your next visit with your specialist. I will help you determine if there are additional referrals you may benefit from that you can request at your next visit.