June Bugs
It's Summmahhhhhhh!!!! Maybe not techinically, but almost!
If you're new here, my birthday is on June 21, which is the first day of Summer, so I love, love, love this month! (Actually because of Leap Year, it is technically on June 20th, but normally it is on the 21st).
Then, there are all the Dads and Grads, too! Lots to celebrate!
As we get those extra hours of sunlight, things start to downshift into a slower pace, . We want to linger outside.
Catch some rays. Dip our toes in the pool or ocean. Hunker underneath an umbrella with a really goodnovel. Sip a spritz.
So, here's wishing you a month filled with relaxation, pickleball/tennis/golf, sandals, wide brim hats, the smell of sunscreen and fireflies dotting the night sky.
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My favorite “living room" during the Summer months

This Month in the Garden
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Summer blooms
There are so many beautiful flowers in this season, but my heart is with the hydrangeas. Large and fluffy, they really make for a powerful show. Last year's crop was a bit lackluster…many believe because of a late frost. However, this year looks to be a bonanza, if all the little buds are any indication.
I don't do anything to my soil to adjust the color variation, as I enjoy seeing what nature provides. In the back garden, it is usually shades of pink and purple. At the front of the house, we seem to get blue hues. 
Honestly, I just love them all. And, I love that they last so long, just fading in color, along with the summer light.
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The fern, in the large urn, will last me until October


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Oh, the places you'll go!
It's graduation season! We just celebrated my oldest son's college graduation and this time last year we are celebrating my youngest son's high school graduation.
Whether someone is graduating from PreK or Law School (or somewhere in between), these are big moments and deserve to be celebrated in grand style!
Here is a look at our family celebration last year. School colors of Blue and “Gold”. The first Varsity letter. Star shaped butter. Blooms that coordinate. School pennant. Balloons, of course. A personalized pocket square for the grad and a handkerchief for mom. 
I hope you get a few ideas for the next graduate in your family!
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Palm Beach
I'll have a grasshopper
Anyone else enjoy the series Palm Royale?! I think it may be my favorite role by Kristen Wiig. And, how incredible is Carol Burnett? Ricky Martin as the cabana boy? Yes, please! But, it was the setting and the fashions that I enjoyed the most. Somehow, this prompted a trip to Palm Beach. Admittedly, my first. 
My husband and I spent a lovely weekend there, over Mother's Day weekend. This is a bit late for the “season”, but I found it to be delightful. Things weren't as crowded as they normally are during December-April, but it was still busy enough to have a fun vibe. 
We loved our stay at the White Elephant (the same owners as the hotel in Nantucket). We adored lunch at Swifty's, at The Colony Hotel and I felt like I was IN an episode of Palm Royale! The DJ was spinning tunes, the pool was packed and the people watching was topnotch! 
Below, a few of my favorites!
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Swifty's at The Colony Hotel
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Lunch at Lola 41
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We stayed at the White Elephant and loved it!
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Had to stop by famed needlepoint shop, Lycette

Palm Beach Favorites
White Elephant
Le Bibloquet for brunch
Lola 41 day or night
Swifty's for poolside lunch
Renato's for dinner in the courtyard
Bike around town
Lounge by the pool
Shop along Worth Avenue
Sip a spritz at The Breakers (Seafood Bar)
Sunbathe at the beach
Walk the waterfront
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LivE Give
 Until next time…  xxElizabeth