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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year highlights the importance of movement on our mental health. More than a third of UK adults are moving at less than the levels recommended by the World Health Organisation. To uncover the reasons for this, a recent study by the Mental Health Foundation identified barriers to physical activity ranging from time constraints and fatigue to the (predictably) unpredictable British weather. As May is National Walking Month, it’s the perfect time to kickstart your movement routine. You can join us for our Walk & Talk to stretch your legs and meet new people. For those seeking more tips on how to get active, why not try this guide?
A few months ago, we mentioned that Young K&C were seeking nominations of people, projects or organisations who have made a difference to the lives of children and young people in Kensington and Chelsea. Well, we’re delighted to share that Nova has been shortlisted for an Achievement Award! The winners will be announced later this month – but we couldn't wait to say thank you to all those who nominated us. Now, speaking of thank yous…
Different ways of learning
Ready, Steady, Stir!
Epicurean education
The first two sessions of the Family Programme's Cultural Cuisine series saw chefs from Migrateful share their enthusiasm and knowledge of their native cuisines with some of our young people. Dishes whipped up ranged from Afghan dumplings with chana dal and khashak sauce to Congolese fumbua, cassava stew, mikate, and fufu. It's horizon-expanding fun, and most importantly, delicious!
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Coding fun-damentals
Led by our fantastic partners at MAMA.codes, the Future Tech Launchpad programme is guiding our budding tech natives on their first steps into the world of coding using Scratch. They’re having fun creating their own stories, games, and animations, all while picking up key coding concepts like loops, variables, and conditional statements. 
To techfinity and beyond!
 Photography: Clare Conroy
Save the date!
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding our summer Great Get Together on Saturday, 22nd June. It’s going to be a cultural extravaganza – so please mark the date in the diary and watch out for further details to come!
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