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letting go can be tough.
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My beloved maternal grandmother, Bessie M. Gray, passed away on April 29, just three days after celebrating her 90th birthday—a cherished milestone for which I am profoundly grateful. 
In her remarkable 90 years, my grandmother moved from Arkansas to Wisconsin, wedded my late grandfather, raised ten children, and adored her 31 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Alongside these familial joys, she pioneered early childcare initiatives, owned multiple businesses, pursued higher education, served our community, and traveled the world. All of this while enduring great trials. She embraced life to the fullest and left a rich legacy.
Although not the case for my grandmother, the passing of someone who has lived such a long and full life often leaves behind a considerable amount of belongings, requiring loved ones to navigate through the sentimental remnants of their existence. Deciphering what truly held significance to them can be arduous, especially without explicit instructions. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and believe that everything held equal importance to them. Thus, the journey of separating our emotions from these items becomes essential.
Recently, I had the privilege of presenting a session titled "From Keepsakes to Clarity: Releasing Sentimental Clutter" at the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life Virtual Summit. If you watched, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Many of you have shared your sentimental decluttering journeys with me; please keep sharing!

If you missed my session, you can still purchase the lifetime pass. Regardless, I wanted to ensure you didn't miss out on this vital conversation, so I've included a free Sentimental Clutter Guide to gently aid you in your journey.

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