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Hi there,
It's with deep joy that I bring you my second studio Spring offering.
Career Transitions Workshop
Thursday, May 30th | 1-3 pm Eastern

Feeling stale in your current job or career trajectory? 
Do you long for a change in career, but you're unsure how to do it effectively or responsibly?
Do you feel like it's too late or just impossible? 

In today's age, it's never been more feasible to switch career paths. However, we've never been taught how and still make our choices from outdated assumptions. 

In the past decade, I have gone from a scientist to filmmaker to online educator to guide of authentic living and creative business owner. 
In each role, I have made a good living and received recognition for my work. This isn't because I have special abilities, but because I have been cultivating the skill of career transitions and building aligned life paths- which anyone can learn, including you! 

So, in this 2 hour workshop, I'm excited to present the most distilled insights for efficient and responsible career switching that I've learned on my path. I will update your mind to new practical possibilities, challenge your limiting beliefs, and provide a concrete process for you to discern your next steps. 

Kinds of Questions We'll Cover: 

-Should I stay in my current job or quit?
-How do I switch careers efficiently and responsibly?
-How can I make a living doing what I love? 
-What are the big missing pieces in career advice today? 
-What is my next step? 
The How:

This interactive workshop will take place on Zoom. 

In true workshop fashion, I'll be guiding you through reflective exercises so you'll get to work with the insights and harvest concrete clarity. 

Once you register, you will receive a personal message from me within 24 hours with the workshop link and details. 

Enroll by 11:59 pm Pacific Time, May 28th. 
In today's age, it's never been more feasible to change careers responsibly and re-invent ourselves. We've just never been taught how. 
If your current career path is not making you happy, this is a non-negotiable. Join us! You will leave feeling empowered and excited. 
Write me with any questions. 

Looking forward to it,

PS: If you know anyone who is questioning their career path, please let them know of this workshop by forwarding this email. It could be the thing that changes everything for them. 
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