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Hi First name / friend!
So….are you directionally challenged too, or are you one of those super-humans that can function without their maps app? 
I'm soooo bad with directions that when someone starts to tell me how to get somewhere, my brain literally cannot compute anything they tell me. It's like wired to not be able to take in direction information. And I'm sorry, but I DO NOT need to know that it's a really easy drive and you just take a turn by the grey house, because I will 100% miss the obvious turn and question if every house I drive by is THE grey house. That's way too stressful.  
I WILL follow my maps. And yes, it has led me astray before and I have turned the wrong way onto a one-way before, BUT even technology is allowed to make mistakes sometimes ツ I figured it out real quick and luckily nobody was nearby…I keep the angels protecting me VERY busy LOL. 
My mom and I were actually just laughing about my ridiculous direction skills when I first started learning to drive. We would go to Costco just about every weekend when I was growing up. And when I had my permit, my mom let me drive. So I get in the driver seat and she goes “Okay, drive to Costco!” 
Excuse me? Why are you being all nonchalant like I just know how to drive to a place I myself have never driven to?
These were just about my exact words….
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This was probably my mom….
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LOL. I was thinking about that story while editing a blog post on how education (book smarts) and experience (street smarts) are SO different but BOTH VALUABLE. You can find it below. It would be a great read if you have ever compared your skills or knowledge to someone else's. Or if you have ever felt like what you knew wasn't enough. 



P.S. - I have a whole Pinterest board on Joy Filled Thoughts ready to bless you! ♡

Much love & I'm rooting for you,