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It's just about June which means Change of Heart is a little more than three weeks away! To mark this forward march of time, I have a snippet to share with you AND I'm gifting some ebook copies of Change of Heart to five lucky folks on Goodreads. Enter below the snippet to read it before release day!
Intro to Wedding Crashing, Rule Six
He was on the tall side and broad in a way that suggested he did something that risked life and limb in his spare time, like playing rugby or competing in lumberjack games. I’d bet he wore a lot of flannel and had a favorite pair of boots. His shoulders were like the ridgeline of the Rocky Mountains, but I was guessing his thighs were where the real trouble started. They had to be thick and powerful, the kind that would pin you to the bed and not let up until he was good and done.
I cleared my throat. “That tux does nice things for him.”
“Don’t,” Meri replied quickly. “Rule number six. The bridal party is off-limits.”

I hope the final moments of May are good to you, my friend!
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Change of Heart ~ coming June 25!
✨ my one-night stand is my new boss
Grey's Anatomy meets Wedding Crashers
✨ "no one can know"
✨ big golden retriever energy meets hyper-competent black cat
✨ workplace + forced proximity
✨ all the pining (he falls first)
✨ caretaking & comfort
✨ spice, banter, found families
Every summer, superstar surgeon Whitney Aldritch crashes weddings with her best friend. The first one was an accident though after a decade of dropping in uninvited, they’re masters of their craft. They keep the rules simple and they never go to bed alone. 
Then there’s Henry Hazlette, best man and the best one-night stand of Whit’s summer. She never imagined she’d see him again but now he’s one of her new surgical residents—and completely off-limits.
Whitney has staked her reputation on leading the hospital’s new ethics initiative. While Henry is under her supervision, they have to keep it professional. But it doesn’t help that she can’t turn around without running face-first into his offensively broad chest or rubbing up against him in crammed elevators. Also not helping: the way he smiles at her like he can hear her every not-safe-for-work thought.
All they have to do is survive this residency—and the accidental tarot card readings that hit too close to home, a few uninvited houseguests, and the hospital’s hyperactive rumor mill—but only if they’re prepared to bend some rules as the feelings go from just for tonight to get it out of our systems to mine.
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Randomly: The cooling blanket I think everyone needs (this is the blanket I give EVERYONE and they're always a little baffled but then they tell me how they can't live without it, especially in warmer seasons of life) and the earbuds for tiny ears since we all seem to have tiny ears. This has honestly made me notice ears more than I ever wanted.

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