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Let's get right down to business: I'm here with the last excerpt I'll share with you before Change of Heart hits shelves on June 25! The ebook and paperback are available for preorder although the audio with narrators Oscar Reyes and Stella Hunter will go live on/around June 25. Fingers crossed for an early arrival!
“I have about twelve hours until I have to be on a flight out of here, eleven if we count the drive down to Reno,” he said, looping an arm around my waist as we stepped onto the dance floor. “I could play this game with you. I could go on telling you that you’re heart-stoppingly beautiful while you ignore me for a cupcake. But I’m short on time and I’ve wanted to talk to you since you rolled your eyes at me during the ceremony.”
“Bold of you to assume I was rolling my eyes at you,” I said as we started moving with the music. His hand was warm on the small of my back, his fingers sliding over my dress in lazy circles that sent another wave of goose bumps down my arms, my legs, my chest.
Goddamn goose bumps.
“Right, so the part you want to focus on is the subject of the eye roll?” he asked. “Not the heart-stoppingly beautiful thing? I was really hoping you’d give me a chance to lean into that.”
“Trust me, your heart has not stopped.”

I also have some extra little spots of joy to brighten your day:
The Beach Reads Box Set, V. 4 is now in Kindle Unlimited! This thing is packed with TEN full-length contemporary romance books (including Before Girl from me, which is the perfect prelude to Change of Heart!) to get you through the summer.
Aaaaand Shucked audio arrives on July 16 with dream cast narrators Jason Clarke and Christine Lakin! A very small amount of Advance Listener Copies were released and the early reviews are so, so good! These two are just amazing.
The next time I visit with you, Change of Heart will be out in the world! Scroll down for some of my newest book recommendations. Stay well, my friend!
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Add these to your To Be Read:
Savor It by Tarah DeWitt. If you liked In a Jam, you'll love Savor It. Big feelings, big humor, big love, big quirk. You should probably block off time on your calendar to binge Tarah's backlist (which does include some KU titles and some exceptional audios--Savor It features powerhouse narrators Zach Webber and Karissa Vacker).

Out on a Limb by Hannah Bonham-Young. Ohhhh this book is precious. It is sweet and tender and real. This is a beautiful journey of a book. Another case of marking off time to devour Hannah's other titles as well. 
Come as You Are by Jess K. Hardy. Somehow, I'd had it in my head that I'd already told you about this book and we're just going to blame deadline brain on that error. Y'all. This is a really good read. It's even better if you're someone who lived through the grunge era of the 90s. This series (in KU!) packs in heat, emotion, humor, and most of all, is a love letter to Gen X. Highly recommend.

Curvy Girl Summer by Danielle Allen. This is such a fun and honest account of love in the era of online dating. So much to love about this book--plus it's in KU and narrated by my audio goddess Wesleigh Siobhan. Doesn't get any better.

In case you missed it:
Little Star Farms gear! Novel Grounds has adorable t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and stickers in stock. 
Randomly: The cooling blanket I think everyone needs though whenever I give people this blanket they always force a smile and “thanks….?” because it isn't remarkably pretty but believe me when I say it is crucial to surviving a hot summer as someone who likes to be burrito'd up in a blanket but also cool, and the earbuds for tiny ears since we all seem to have tiny ears. This has honestly made me notice ears more than I ever wanted.

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