From My Couch to Yours
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Hi First name / friend!
I know you have had days where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, right?! Well I guess everyone was still alive at the end of this day, so it could have been worse. but it was ROUGH nonetheless! ツ
My little dog (Charlie) was acting all kinds of weird. When I went to see what was going on, I noticed he had POOP all over his butt. As I went to grab him, my Houdini child swiped my work computer and basically typed 3 emails in the span of the 20 seconds it took me to drop the dog and grab the child instead to keep me from getting fired. 
With my one hand that didn't have poop, I scooped up my child and threw him in his little play area and went back to grab Charlie who was NO LONGER IN SIGHT.
Aye, ye yieee. 
I found him laying on our rug and made a mental note to clean that too along with the dog bed, lol. While my child screamed at me, I got Charlie bathed and then I turned around to find MY OTHER DOG (Oliver) LAYING ON THE DOG BED THAT HAD DOG POOP. Like you can't tell me you didn't smell that dude!  
my only thought **why am I the only one contributing positively to the household at this moment?** JEEZ LOUISE GUYS
I finally get everything AND everyone cleaned up, and the day just kept getting better…..
A couple hours later after I was still recovering from the previous events of the day, I ended up having a really important meeting with my manager's boss. I got Luke all set up in his play area, but this time he had all the necessities - snacks, water, and Ms.Rachel. I got my monitor set up so I could keep an eye on him while I sat in my office (which is literally right next to the living room). 
I kept glancing down at the monitor, and all was well….till it wasn't. About halfway into our meeting, I all the sudden hear little footsteps running outside the door. I glance down again at the monitor and the door that he has never been able to unzip before IS OPEN. In case you're new here - my child will look for every opportunity to climb, destroy, and take risks that a 1 year old can't possibly reasonably calculate….
I had to abruptly leave my meeting, and I found Luke sitting on top of the dining table like it was no big deal and he was just in charge of the household. This probably happened in the span of like…45 seconds! 
The first thing I told my husband when he got home: I AM NOT MAKING DINNER TONIGHT. hahahaha
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Here's my receipts below LOL 
What would have been the first thing you would have said if this happened to you? Have you had a day like this lately?!



Much love & I'm rooting for you,