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Happy March!  The weather is warming up and everything is in full bloom around here.  The bluebonnets are starting to cover fields, so we can enjoy their beauty and snap our annual pictures!  Daylight savings is this weekend and in Texas we are soaking up these beautiful Spring days while we have them and not taking them for granted!  We know all to well that it will be HOT before we know it.
We had another great Church Pillar event with the folks from Remnant Alliance on February 5th.  They filled us all in on ways we can make an impact within our local government.  We were introduced to The Salt & Light Council and provided insight on what a working local Salt & Light chapter can do within a community.  We were also provided more information on Biblical Citizenship curriculum provided by Patriot Academy.  It was made known that being Biblical Citizens requires a knowledge of Biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. As Christian Leaders we should be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values in our neighborhood, State, and Nation.  We had a great turnout, and were honored to have Texas Senator Lois Kolkhorst in attendance.
With all we learned at this Church Pillar event, we are working on hosting Biblical Citizenship classes very soon, in conjunction with starting a local Salt & Light chapter here in Brenham.  Please take about 2 minutes to complete the survey included below, so that we know how to properly prepare for everyone would like to take part in either these opportunities.
We have had some awesome guests on our TLS Podcast and look forward to releasing more episodes soon.  We've released 2 more episodes since our last newsletter went out!  We have links to the all the TLS Podcasts below.
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new TLS Podcast episodes!
Don't miss the most recent TLS Podcast episode, "How To Prevent Leadership Burnout" (Part 2) w/ Tim Webb & Meagan Butler, MACE, MABC, LPC & LCDC 
If you enjoyed Part 1 of Tim & Meagan Butler's Podcast episode “How To Prevent Leadership Burnout” then you want to make sure and listen to Part 2!  It is out now! 
Have you ever felt the creeping tendrils of burnout threaten to undo the hard-earned equilibrium in your life? As the founder of Texas Leadership Summit, Tim had the honor of sitting down with Meagan Butler to discuss a topic that hits close to home for many Christian leaders. Their conversation is a deep dive into the world of mindfulness, work-life harmony, and the critical yet often overlooked concept of restorative rest. Drawing from Tim's 18-year pastoral journey, he shares the intimate details of how he's navigated through the emotional and physical tolls of ministry, and how you too can stay in tune with your body's stress signals and maintain peak health to avoid burnout.
Meagan experienced her first encounter with God when she was five years old. She felt a prompting to ask Jesus to be her Good Shepherd and has been following Him ever since. God has guided her through many highs and lows in her life: a high being her call to ministry and one of the lows involving spiritual burnout. Over the past ten years, Meagan has dedicated her time to growing her academic knowledge of theology, bibliology, hermeneutics, and counseling while also tending to her spiritual and mental health. Meagan is passionate about guiding others into a balanced experience of the physical and spiritual life. She believes Jesus' time on earth perfectly represented that balance.  
Tune in to learn more!
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More episodes will be released twice a month!  Make sure to subscribe to the Texas Leadership Summit Podcast through your favorite mainstream Podcast platform, to be notified when a new episode is released.  Check out the TLS Podcast schedule below.  
Upcoming episodes to look forward to:
March 19th: Faith in the Fray - A Congressman's Journey from Pulpit to Politics with guest Representative Michael Cloud a Constitutional Conservative who proudly represents the 27th Congressional District of Texas. 
April 2nd: Tim & Deanna discuss - The Role of Church Leadership in a Post-Christian Era
April 16th: Victories in the Fight for Freedom and Faith with Steve Maxwell Co-Founder of Citizens Defending Freedom
Let us know who you'd like to hear us interview soon!

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The easiest way to listen to the Texas Leadership Summit podcast is at the link above on our website.  That being said, we are also on all the mainstream podcast platforms.  To learn more as to how to listen to podcasts from your phone, tablet, computer, or in your car while on the go, click the link below.

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We sure do appreciate your continued support.  It goes a long way in helping us with this grass roots movement.  
Reviving leadership where leadership began,
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