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Hi Friend,
This year is off to a great start for all of us at Texas Leadership Summit and we hope the same goes for you!  Our February newsletter is jammed packed with a lot of important information.  Please take the time to read it, so you don't miss any details!
We had a full house on 1/10 when special guests from Remnant Alliance came to speak to Brenham Pastors & Church Leaders, photos included below.  Thank you for all who came out and joined us!  We are so excited they are returning THIS MONDAY to share more with us!  Everyone is invited!  Keep reading below for all the details.  Feel free to share & help us get the word out. 
We have recorded several new Podcast episodes and are extremely excited to release them for you!  A new one released at the end of January and 2 more are coming your way this month!
Early voting for the primaries begins on the 20th of this month.  We have included a lot of information on how to vote, as well as, where you can find information on all the candidates. 
C.U.B.S. is a local organization that formed shortly after our 2022 Texas Leadership Summit in Brenham.  They are spear heading a much needed reading tutoring program with BISD.  They are in need of volunteers, for this program to be a success. If this sounds like something you would like to participate they are asking you attend a volunteer meeting so you can learn all about the program.   More details below.
This month Texas Leadership Summit hopes to encourage you to be a leader that leads with their heart.  Elections can bring out some not so pretty sides of people on occasion and as Godly leaders, we need to remember that biblical, faith based leaders, should always love others like Jesus does.

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Please note!  Governor Greg Abbott will be in town right before our Remnant Alliance event (see more details on this below) this Monday (see details on the Governor's M&G below).  We have decided to start the Remnant Alliance event a little later to accommodate everyone coming from the Governor's M&G.  The Remnant Alliance event will start at 1:15PM at Champion Fellowship in the Worship Center.  We are happy to announce that Texas State Senator Lois Kolkhorst will be in attendance at the Remnant Alliance event! We hope to see you there too!  Registration information is at the link below.
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Photos from our 1/10/24 Remnant Alliance event!  It was a packed house!

new TLS Podcast episode!
Don't miss the most recent TLS Podcast episode, “How To Prevent Leadership Burnout” (Part 1)!  
Navigating leadership responsibilities in a Christian context can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope, with the constant pressure to avoid mistakes, the weight of past traumas, and the challenges of a potentially hostile environment. Burnout, a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, can creep in when these pressures become overwhelming. As a Christian leader, finding ways to prevent Burnout is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance in your life and effectively serving others.
In this episode TLS Founder, Tim Webb visits with special guest Meagan Butler, a Licensed Professional and Chemical Dependency Counselor, who also has her Masters in Biblical Counseling and Christian Education.  Meagan, a Christian leader dedicated to helping other leaders navigate, overcome, and prevent Burnout, explores simple strategies to help you steer clear of Burnout, allowing you to lead with resilience and grace. She talks about the three scales of Burnout, the impacts of dysfunctional and hurting leadership, and how the baggage everybody brings to the ministry contributes to Burnout. She also shares the internal and external factors that contribute to Burnout. Tune in to learn more!
New episodes will be released each month, see dates & upcoming Podcast titles below.  We will be speaking with guests within each pillar (Business, Education, Politics & Church) and asking questions to help us all become better Christian leaders in todays world!  Let us know who you'd like to hear us interview soon!
More episodes will be released monthly!  Make sure to subscribe to the Texas Leadership Summit Podcast through your favorite mainstream Podcast platform, to be notified when a new episode is released.  Don't miss the upcoming episodes released this month!  
Feb 6th Being An Example Of God’s Love w/ TLS Founder Tim Webb & TLS Director Deanna Kenisell 
Feb 20th How To Prevent Leadership Burnout (Part 2) w/ Tim Webb &n Meagan Butler, MACE, MABC, LPC & LCDC 

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New to podcasts?  Still need to learn how to listen to one?  
The easiest way to listen to the Texas Leadership Summit podcast is at the link above on our website.  That being said, we are also on all the mainstream podcast platforms.  To learn more as to how to listen to podcasts from your phone, tablet, computer, or in your car while on the go, click the link below.

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This year is probably the most important election year that our country has ever seen.  Based on figures from the Texas Secretary of State website, with 2022 being the most recent year reported on the site, voting stats show that in 2022 Washington County had 24,644 registered voters and only 13,972 of those registered (56.70%), actually voted.  In 2020 for the presidential election 72.70% of registered voters in Washington County voted.  We need to make sure every registered voter is getting out and voting across Texas and the country.  We have included some important dates and links for you to use for the upcoming Primary Elections.  A lot of this pertains to Washington County however the links can be used for wherever you are located.
We will also be sharing social posts this month to remind folks to get out and vote. Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram and be on the lookout for these posts, so you can share them with your friends to encourage others to get out to vote!
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Last day to register to vote is THIS MONDAY February 5th.  SEE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.
IMPORTANT Primary Election Dates:
Early Voting is from February 20th - March 1st
Primary Election Day is March 5th
HOW & WHERE TO VOTE:  Locations for early voting and election day voting are not the same.  Use the link below to confirm you are registered.  Once the system confirms you are registered, it will then tell you, based on where you live, where your polling place is located.
We have included several sample ballot links below.  Ballotpedia allows you to put your Texas address in, then provides you a list of those running for each office you will be voting for based on your address.  You can click on each candidate's name and it will take you to more information on them.  Even their individual website links.  (You'll have to scroll down passed advertisements.)
Past voting history - if they are up for reelection how have they voted on important topics?  Did they vote in line with what they have promised Texans?
If they are a new candidate running - what is their history in business or in any type of leadership roles they have had in the past?  What are their priorities for Texas?  Who all endorses them and who has donated to their campaigns?
Feb 13th the Washington County Chamber is hosting a Meet & Greet with all the candidates running in Washington County.  It is from 8AM - 9:30AM at Margaret E. Blizzard Senior Activity Center  1301 East Tom Green St.  Brenham, TX  77833  contact 979-836-3695 for more information.
Also many state and local candidates are hosting meet & greets throughout the county.
Governor Greg Abbott will be in Brenham Monday from 12 - 1 @ Ann Street Inn (Ballroom) 107 W. Commerce St. Brenham, TX 77833 with Trey Wharton who is running in the Republican Primary for Texas State Representative District 12 which is the position that incumbent Rep Kyle Kacal is not seeking reelection for.
Many Meet & Greet opportunities are happening this month.  We want to encourage you to go to as many M&G's as you can even if the candidate doesn't represent the party you typically vote for and ask the hard questions to them to see how they respond. 
Here are just a few M&G dates that have been shared with us:
February 5, 2024- KWHI Candidate Forum at Brenham National Bank at 5:30 PM; Sheriff Candidates/ Commissioner Candidates for Precinct 1 and 3/ Constable Candidates for Precinct 3
February 7, 2024- KWHI Candidate Forum at Brenham National Bank at 5:30 PM; House District 12 Candidates/ District Attorney Candidates
February 10, 2024- Washington County Republican Women's Forum at Kenjura Tile for House District 12 Candidates
February 13, 2024- All Candidates are invited to Senior Activity Center from 8 to 9:30 AM
February 26, 2024- Candidate Forum from 5 to 7 PM at The Cannery
Voter education is super important.  Do your research, meet the candidates, reach out ask them questions and learn what they stand for, so that you can make the most educated vote possible.  Pray for wisdom & decrement when voting.  Pray for those running and continue to pray for those elected. Some helpful websites to note are: (click sample ballot on the left side tool bar)
Additional important links included below.
If we can help point you in the right direction of where to go get the proper information you are seeking, please let us know!
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Make note!  We have a new office phone #!
We sure do appreciate your continued support.  It goes a long way in helping us with this grass roots movement.  
Reviving leadership where leadership began,
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