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Hi Friend!
I am extremely excited to be brought on as the Director of Texas Leadership Summit.  In this Director position I am able focus my full time attention on expanding and growing awareness of Texas Leadership Summit and its mission.  I have already heard from many of you and I’d like to thank you for all the kind words, with welcoming me onboard. There is a lot I plan to accomplish for TLS. I know it won’t be easy, but I love challenges and I can’t wait to see how God shows up, as He always does, and what He will do when we put in the work.  Things are already moving forward in mighty ways!
In last weeks TLS board announcement, Joliee' mentioned several of the tasks I plan to focus on for TLS, but I believe the 1st step is to help all believers understand that God has called us all to be a leader in some capacity.  Be it the leader of your family, the PTA, your student body, the school board, a bible study, or the president of the United States, big or small, He’s called us all to be a leader.  I'd like to challenge you to start praying and asking God to show you how He’d like for you to step up and where He needs you to lead.  The goal of TLS is to provide you with Biblical truths, resources, encouragement and guidance to be the best leader that God has called you to be. TLS is here to provide you with tools and connect you with other Godly leaders in your area of expertise or interest. 
We are currently working on a leadership toolkit for each of our four pillars (Education, Business, Church & Government) and expect to have these released in early 2024.  We are working with the U.S. Pastors Council in an effort to reach 1200+ of their members, who are Pastors in Texas and across the country.  We are providing them with these leadership toolkits, so that they can make them available to the leaders within their congregation. 
At TLS, we believe that all Christ followers are called to leadership.  I love what Tyler Edwards wrote in regards to this very thing, “Faith isn’t a spectator sport.  The influential Christians we remember throughout history were the men and women who would not wait on the sideline when there was work to be done.  They realized that Jesus didn’t just save us from something.  He saved us for something.  He has a mission, and His church and His people are part of it.
The disciples weren’t gifted leaders.  In fact, they were dropouts.  By the world’s standards, they didn’t have what it took. Yet God used them, 12 non-spectacular people, to change the world.  Why?  Jesus could have called the elite, the skilled, the highly desirable.  He didn’t. Following Jesus is not for the elite few. Leaders in His Kingdom don’t have to be the most talented or special people in this world.  They just have to know and follow Him.
Jesus turned ordinary men into world-changers.  If Jesus could use them, we can’t rightly say He can’t use us.
We all have people in our lives who follow our example - our kids, our friends, our co-workers. We all have areas of influence, which means we all have opportunities to lead people to Jesus and to lead people to grow in their relationship with Him.  
It’s time we, as Christ’s followers stepped up.  It’s time we stepped out in faith and start living out what we claim to believe.  It’s time we served the people around us.  It’s time we loved the people who hate us.  It’s time we start leading."  
I really want to encourage you to seek out where God is calling you to lead.  My hope is that in 2024 we all step out of our comfort zones and become the leaders God wants us to be and that TLS can provide you with tools, encouragement and Biblical truths to equip you for Godly leadership.
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Be on the lookout for more information about our end of the year giving campaigns.  Giving Tuesday is November 28th, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a huge day for Non-Profits to campaign and receive donations.  We will have opportunities for you to donate along with Christmas cards for you to download to give to recipients who you donated on behalf of.  Making a donation in lieu of a present, is a perfect gift for the person who has everything!  Making a donation instead of sending out company Christmas cards is another great way to give and show your support for TLS.  We will have a digital card you can download and post on socials in regards to this as well.  
Our end of the year giving campaign will run through the 1st of the year.  For tax purposes, the last few days of the year are always a time when Non-Profits see a good portion of their donations received.  Please keep Texas Leadership Summit in mind when you are considering your end of the year giving and be on the lookout for all the ways you can give and donate to TLS before 2023 is up!  
We are so grateful for any donations from our supporters, as we could not do this without your generous giving.
I'd love to hear from you as a TLS supporter, no matter what capacity, as a donor, volunteer, prayer partner, you name it, please reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m here to make connections, be boots on the ground for Texas Leadership Summit and continue nurturing the relationships we have and help build new ones. If we can assist you in anyway, when it comes to Godly leadership or if you are interested in learning how you can help TLS in a larger capacity, within our grass roots movement, let’s grab coffee, I’d love to visit with you! ~ Many blessings!  Deanna
Reviving leadership where leadership began,
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