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Happy New Year!  
We hope this new year finds you all doing well and that you had a blessed Christmas!  We pray your holidays were a good mix between the perfect amount of time with family & friends, as well as, time to rest, relax and spend time with The Lord, the real reason for it all!
We wanted to start off 2024 with a little refresher for everyone, as to what Texas Leadership Summit is and what we stand for.  We have included our mission and vision statements below, as well as, our goals, so that you can use them to share with others and to reference when you visit with anyone this year about Texas Leadership Summit.
We also have details below on a fun pop-up event that we were just asked to help host here in Brenham. Please share the event details with any leaders you know within the church pillar.  It is next week!!!! We are also super excited to share with you the 1st episode of our Texas Leadership Summit Podcast!  Don't miss all the details on everything in this months newsletter! There are so many fun things happening with TLS already this year!  We truly see The Lord moving in mighty ways!
We sure do appreciate your continued support.  It goes a long way in helping us with this grass roots movement.  Here's to blessed year for us all!
Texas Leadership
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New to podcasts?  Still need to learn how to listen to one?  
The easiest way to listen to the Texas Leadership Summit podcast is at the link above on our website.  That being said, we are also on all the mainstream podcast platforms.  To learn more as to how to listen to podcasts from your phone, tablet, computer, or in your car while on the go, click the link below.

Our team has been busy over Christmas break, planning & preparing for how we can best equip Christian leaders in 2024 through Texas Leadership Summit's endeavors.  
We were presented with an awesome opportunity, right at the end of last year, to join forces with Remnant Alliance, Recover America & Citizens Defending Freedom in hosting a local event to provide information to local Pastors & Church Leaders, so that they might have the ability to better understand how to personally get involved, as well as, encourage their congregation to get involved, in upholding God’s Kingdom and oppose evil within our community.  
Please share this event with your Pastor and any Church Leaders, be it church staff, small group leaders, bible study leaders, lieu pastors, elders, etc. all are welcome.  This event is next week, so we need your help with getting the word out!  We hope this is only the beginning of us working with these amazing, like minded organizations, in helping equip those who are leaders within the Church Pillar.  
Any Pastor or Church Leader can click on the event flyer below to RSVP and secure a FREE spot.  Coffee, water, light refreshments, as well as, educational materials will be provided. All details are included in the flyer below.
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Make note!  We have a new office phone #!
Reviving leadership where leadership began,
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