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It's the LAST WEEK of Audiobook Month
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Narrated by Stefanie Kay & Julio Maxwell
Narrated by Oscar Reyes & Stella Hunter
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SFN: Do you remember your first? (audiobook, that is!)
SK: I remember vividly being in a meeting at my (then) day job and seeing that I was selected to record my first audiobook. I almost squealed out loud!! It was such a rush but also terrifying! It took me such a long time to finish the book and I don't think I can bring myself to listen to it now (ha!) but it was such a thrilling experience and I was so proud of myself.
SFN: What's your favorite part of the narrating process? Prep? Recording dialogue? Pressing Save? Something else? What do you like about it?
SK: When I say that I still, after several years of this, pinch myself every day that THIS is what I get to do for a living, I truly mean it!! I love every minute of the process. I love getting excited about a new project on the schedule. I love prepping the script and falling in love with the characters. I, of course, love performing the story. And I love connecting with others about it. It's such an honor to get to read an author's words and I take that responsibility so seriously. Knowing they enjoyed my performance feels amazing!
SFN: Do you split your recording day between multiple projects or do you work through one book before moving on to another?
SK: I try to stay consistent with my projects because it is tricky to jump back and forth. Even if I'm recording an audition or doing pickups, I try to do those first thing so I can get back into the right headspace for my current project.
SFN: When you read for pleasure, what is your go-to genre?
SK: Historical romance and fantasy. I love the subtlety in historical romances. Where every touch and look and verbal barb mean so much more than in today's world. With Fantasy, I am continually humbled and amazed by what these incredible authors can think up - entire worlds and rules and histories and even languages!!
SFN: Is there a genre you'd like to narrate more of?
SK: I absolutely LOVE narrating children's books! I've done a few, but they make my heart so happy. I did a series by Emily Ecton (The Great Pet Heist) and it was so much fun! I got to voice all kinds of animals and the best part was that I could share it with my boys!
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Check out The Great Pet Heist, and say hi to Stefanie on Instagram @stefaniekaysays! And be sure to check out her performances in Michelle McCraw's Synergy Workplace Romance series, featured this week.
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