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June 21 - june 28
Protest outside the Adas Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles. Credit - David Swanson/AFP Getty Images
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Los Angeles protests spread to online disputes
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A protest outside a synagogue in Los Angeles’ predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Pico-Robertson turned violent as protestors blocked traffic, instigated altercations, and stopped congregants from entering the synagogue. The events were heavily criticized by politicians and others on social media. Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass and California Governor Gavin Newsom were both quick to condemn the violence and targeting of the synagogue as antisemitic behavior, and on Thursday US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that federal officials are investigating the demonstration. 
Conversations erupted on social media regarding the legitimacy and intent of the protest. Some users were attempting to justify it, saying that the synagogue was hosting an event selling real estate on “stolen land” referring to West Bank settlements. Although the synagogue did hold a real estate event to sell homes in Israel, there is no indication that property listed at the event was in the West Bank settlements or any other disputed territories. Similar real estate events have been the subject of a number of protests across the nation, including in Teaneck, NJ, and Baltimore, MD. 

Other individuals expressed outrage on social media, sharing videos and photos of the violence that broke out and damage that was done. Posts expressed horror that synagogues have become the latest target for protestors calling on authorities and leaders to take action against individuals responsible and to increase security at Jewish institutions.

Los Angeles
Jewish Neighborhood
Stolen Land

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continued fallout from college campus protests and antisemitism
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Three Columbia University deans have been placed on leave for exchanging disparaging text messages during a May 31 panel discussion about the presence of antisemitism at the university. In one text message, a dean accused a panelist of capitalizing on the campus situation for “huge fundraising potential.” The text messages were captured by an audience member sitting behind one of the deans. 
Coming out of the campus protests and rise in hatred, many universities created task forces to combat antisemitism and Islamophobia. A number of task forces, most notably at Stanford University and Harvard University, released reports that reflect on the climate of their campuses and suggest steps needed in order to rebuild confidence within the community. Stanford released two reports on antisemitism and anti-Muslim bias, detailing the range of harmful actions and the broken trust among groups on campus. Similarly, Harvard’s actionable recommendations involved clarifying their policies and values, acting against discrimination, improving the disciplinary process, encouraging training on the topic, and supporting Jewish life on campus. 
At Columbia University, a task force reported to Israeli newspaper Haaretz that their Jewish students felt “targeted and ostracized,” and their identity and values on campus were under attack because of the hostile environment. Social media has also been an outlet for people to share their criticism on the way institutions have navigated the past several months. On X, students have expressed their frustration with how efforts to communicate with their college administration have gone unanswered and exposed affiliated groups for their antisemitic posts, publications, and decisions. 

These types of reflections on college campuses have prompted schools to widen their antisemitism educational efforts. UC Berkeley has committed to educate incoming students on the topic, strengthen and expand the Center for Jewish Studies, and launch a new Israel Studies minor.

Columbia University
Task Forces
Deans placed on leave

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worldwide Hate CrimeS prompt online Outrage
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Conversations around antisemitic hate crimes increased by 66% this week, driven by an uptick in reports on violent antisemitic crimes worldwide, primarily in European countries. Much of the conversation was driven by reactions to gunmen who opened fire on a synagogue and an Orthodox Church in the Russian province of Dagestan, killing 19 people in what is believed to be a terrorist attack. In France, a 12-year-old Jewish girl was sexually assaulted in what is being treated as a hate crime by French authorities. A group of Jewish school-age kids were attacked by students from another school in London’s underground train station in what is also being investigated as a hate crime. These incidents are just a number of examples in a larger trend of physical violence against Jewish people around the world, coupled with reports that Jewish people have been refused service due to the war between Israel and Hamas. 

A recent report published by the CNCDH, France’s human rights commission, details that antisemitic hate crimes increased by 284% in the last year in the country. Similarly, RIAS, an organization that tracks antisemitism in Germany, released a report recording 4,782 antisemitic incidents in the country in 2023, a 83% increase from 2022.

Islamist Terrorist Attack
12 Year Old Jewish Girl 
Park Tube Station

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#Standup Spotlight
Nice Jewish Runners 
Nice Jewish Runners is a running social group for Jews and non-Jews alike that was created after the sharp increase of antisemitism in the United States following the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th. The group was created to bring Jewish people together from across many communities and build a safe environment for all. Nice Jewish Runners currently has 16 operating chapters worldwide, including communities in New York, Boston, Toronto, and Tel Aviv. Ezra Feig, the founder of the group told us “I show up every week as a community member not a leader. This community has been so impactful for me through tough times, as much as it has been for everyone that has showed up to run with us.”
Recently, Nice Jewish Runners teamed up with Gay Shabbat to celebrate queer Jewish identities while standing up to Jewish hate, LGBTQ hate, and all hate.
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