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We have something big to share with you that came out of the power of community. Community is a superpower.


Many years ago Ann worked within New York City’s cultural institutions’ community. Through this community, she met many peers who have become real friends and the backbone of her professional network. Many have since moved outside the realm of nonprofits and into really interesting and vital positions. It is through one of these relationships that Scroobious landed in Business Insider last week


Ann’s former colleague Mary Kearl asked insightful questions that get to the core of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We hope you’ll give it a read, even if you’re only curious about where the name Scroobious comes from.


If you aren’t already, maybe this piece will inspire you to join us in our upcoming beta program! If you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, we would love to hear from you! Just hit reply or email beta@scroobious.com if you are interested in joining our beta.


Best wishes for a marvelous unofficial start to the strangest of summers!

- Allison & Ann

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Scroobious Stat

From our Slack*

AS: I will win you over to the chickside!**

AB: You've already won me ooooovveeeerrrr (Alanis voice). We were supposed to see her 😭

AS: Did you see the article about Alanis in quarantine?

AB: No??

AS: "Now it’s like, my son is sitting on my head and I’m singing. And my daughter comes running in, and I’m like, 'Just a second. We’re doing one more take.'" I feel this SO HARD.

*Allison is based near Boston, Ann is in New York. We're a fully remote team so Slack is our lifeline.
**We were discussing options for our Scroobious Stats graphics, one of which was a grouping of impossibly adorable fluffy baby chicks.

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