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Celebrating the New Moon in Gemini

and a new Lunar Theme: Communing


On May 22nd at 17:38 UTC, we welcome the New Moon in Gemini (The Twins), the third month in our current astrological season. This is always represented by a Mutable sign, which some consider a "disruptor" as we prepare to begin a new three-month cycle at the June Solstice.  


I am not an astrologer but work with the archetypes inherent in all of the zodiac symbols —along with how they align with moon phases — as prompts for my own reflections and soul work. Some might call this archetypal astrology, and I believe each of us will find our own way to work with the magic and mystery of the zodiac.


So, how will we work with Gemini, with its Air Element, ruling planet Mercury (The Messenger) and mutable qualities? We have a new theme . . . and a new card layout!

New Moon, New Theme

A New Moon is always a time of deep contemplation, and a time when we make decisions more from our intuition and our deep inner wisdom than our conscious minds.


But what does Gemini bring to our New Moon and new lunar month? Gemini season is typically associated with being sociable. Of course, Gemini also has other qualities: communicative, inquisitive, expressive, playful, lively, quick-witted, ruling friendship and sibling relationships, and, yes, perhaps it is a bit “fickle” — although I do prefer the term mercurial! —with Gemini's twin energies.


And that brings me to my theme for this lunar month: Communing, to share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with someone (or something), especially on a spiritual level and even non-verbal level. Let us harness that Gemini sociability and let it work for us. 


But for many of us, being social has not been on the agenda for the past few months. 


Our “commune-ities” may look different, and may be evolving. We may be communing in new and different ways. Yet many towns and cities are beginning to open up again and we may be in a position to socialize again, to commune in new or different ways (hello Zoom!), albeit with various protocols in place.


And collectively we —you! — may be feeling torn about this change.


That conflicting feeling is a key aspect of the Gemini energies, with its ruling planet of Mercury: that sense of push-pull, wanting to both move forward and pull back. Mercury is the root of the word “mercurial”, which the dictionary defines as “subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.”


The sign of Gemini, and its energies, raises our awareness to the duality within us all, of the push-pull of opposing energies: wants vs needs, approach vs retreat, waxing vs waning, Divine Masculine vs Divine Feminine, intuition vs conscious thought, dark vs light, endings vs beginnings. But Gemini can also be seen as a bridge between the earthly realms and the sky realms, supporting us in our inner duality and bridging the duelling energies of our own dualities.


In many ways, this New Moon energy not only asks that we pause & reflect on our journey in the past month and the new journey just beginning, but also that we tap into the Gemini energy of duality, and that we commune with others so that we can share our feelings, our doubts, our concerns, our hopes and dreams.


Perhaps we can reframe that Gemini duality: rather than seeing it as a battle for dominance of opposing energies, as an either-or, we can accept that we can access all those energies and use as best for ourselves and our current situations.


And know this: the Gemini energy allows us to honour our own duality, our own flexibility and perhaps see new paths as we change and embrace the power of flexibility and spontaneity. 


If you are feeling the pull between opposing forces, don’t fight it . . . sink into it. Embrace it. Use it. Work with it. Learn from it. 


Commune with nature. Commune with family. Commune with friends.

Layout for the New Moon in Gemini


Use this card layout to focus on the key strengths of Gemini: the dualities within you and how you can harness both aspects of those dualities as you move forward, using the Gemini aspects of flexibility, communing and your own intuitive wisdom.


Stay safe. Take care of one another.

Blessings to all!

Shine on Moon Child!