01. The Designers 02. The Location 03. The Client 04. The Inspiration (yes, it's a moth)

When starting a project, we like to dive deep; we want to know the family, how they live, how they function, entertain, play and relax. We want to know what they do when they are home, how they spend their time, where they like to spend it and most importantly, what makes them love the space they are in. We ask lots of questions and have a lengthy questionnaire that when finished, we treat like the holy grail.


Once we believe we have a solid understanding of our clients' lives and their dreams for the project, we get to work on the floorplan. We believe that it’s important to create a space that works for the family and provides them what they need in each room.  We ask questions like who will use this room? How will it be used? What is most important to those who will be using it? One other important question is if they have any special items they want to work in the plan.  In Rhett and Lauren’s case, this was a pair of beautiful lamps they had purchased while on a trip to New York at the creative community's favorite fall getaway, Field + Supply. These eye-catching lamps are by Tommaso Barbi, an Italian designer best known for his whimsical organic forms.

Once all of our questions are answered, we work up floorplan options to review. After our clients select the floorplan that best suits them, we have a roadmap for the products we will be sourcing for their home.


In addition to creating a floorplan, we put together what we call the Design Vibe. This is what we have developed after listening to their goals and dreams then putting an aesthetic with visuals to convey it.  We have found that when doing this, suddenly the light bulb turns on for clients.  Often we hear remarks like, “That's exactly what I had in my head but could not find the words to describe it!”  That kind of reaction ensures we can move to the next step in the design process without wasting any time or energy.  


For Rhett and Lauren’s master bedroom, we had many discussions about how they wanted to use the space before working on the layout. Requests included taking advantage of the views to the lake, being able to enjoy the fire on cooler evenings, and storage for their books and magazines they like to read while on vacation.  After much discussion we landed on the perfect layout for them.  Keeping in mind that they wanted this to feel like a five-star resort, we created a seating area in the window alcove with chairs that swivel so they can enjoy the room or the view.  We placed a king bed on the long wall to face the fireplace for cozy evenings in bed (gratefully, you can also see the view from the bed)!  One of the things that really bother Rhett and Lauren about the existing room is the large rock fireplace.  Lauren feels it’s too heavy and rustic for their style aesthetic.  We’ll be addressing that challenge in our posts to come.

Image 1

Ultimately, our Design Vibe for Rhett and Lauren is a combination of two things: their desire to create a cozy, intimate and moody room that was reflective of the natural environment outside and the beautiful black and emerald moth.  The layering of these two elements allows us to bring in a beautiful color palette of shades of gray and green, light wood tones and lots of texture – all reflective of the incredible landscape that surrounds them.

Image 1

Stay tuned next week when we will be shopping #HPMkt High Point Market to source and purchase many of the products for Rhett and Lauren’s project.  We are the lucky ones, based in High Point, NC – the HPMkt is in our backyard so shopping market comes naturally and easy to us!

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