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Things are moving along nicely with our ORC Mothman Prophecies Project! Rhett and Lauren are excited about the direction their new lake house master suite is taking; dark, moody and luxury boutique in feel - a nice departure from their light and bright master suite at home. We're excited too! Being able to share the process with you, our readers, and showcasing how nature inspires design. This week we are headed to High Point Market (which lucky for us is literally right in our backyard) to start sourcing for our lake house project. If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out weeks I & II here, that way you'll have the complete backstory to Rhett and Lauren's project. 


The pandemic has caused #HPMKT to look a little different this year but the good news is that it's open and we are spending our week shopping the vendors who have opened their doors. In fact, it's the impact the pandemic had on all of us that prompted Rhett and Lauren to buy a lake house. They were looking for a way to connect with nature and since we all have to spend more time at home these days, they wanted to do so with a water view. Well-traveled and missing the luxuries of boutique hotels they decided they would create their own boutique experience, where attention to detail is paramount and the design is thoughtful, intentional and focuses on their overall wellness.

“When shopping for your home, it's important to test and feel your furniture in person. That's why we love sourcing products at market.”


After working out the layout details with Rhett and Lauren last week, we set our sights on determining the key item in the room: the bed. We immediately agreed it needed to be a statement piece and thought of the Willa bed by OLY. This bed is beautiful and was perfect for our palette.  However, later in our day we came across a beautiful bed by Universal Furniture. We loved that it felt like a cocoon.  Wrapping the wall in a beautiful channel tufting, you would no doubt feel cozy and secure while lying in bed. 


One of the keys to wellness in the home is good sleep which is promoted by a couple of things: a great quality mattress and your body's natural production of melatonin. To assist with this natural process, it's important to have plenty of natural light during the day (which improves mood and productivity) and the ability to control light as well. This is why we will install automatic solar shades that will adjust throughout the day in response to the changing position of the sun. This will save energy and reduce glare and heat gain in Rhett and Lauren’s home.

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Rhett and Lauren love to read so we are making sure we include plenty of storage for their books along with a comfortable reading spot to enjoy the morning sun and lake view while having their coffee. We are debating between these incredible swivel chairs we found at Nuevo and this tete-a-tete we discovered at ROWE. Both serve our needs but have very different functions: one option gives Rhett and Lauren an individual seat and allows them to face the room or spin around to see the lake. The other gives them the ability to do both at the same time while in a reclining position. We love both so we will let them decide....

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Knowing they wanted a home that promotes wellness we have taken additional steps to build in amenities to support this goal. We will be installing a built-in central air purifying system to eliminate airborne pollens and dust particles, have specified Sherwin Williams Harmony collection with low VOC's, and are using natural materials to lessen their exposure to toxins. We have also installed beautiful plank hardwood floors throughout the home and to make the master extra special, floors by Jamie Beckwith designs

The design details in the nightstand doors remind us of the intricate pattern in the moth's wings.

Another wellness tactic? Reading. It has been proven to benefit our mental health and reduce stress. Win. Win. So, speaking of reading, we thought the Lorca bedside tables (above) by OLY were a great solution to storing all their books and a perfect complement to either bed we are considering. The doors remind us of the patterns found in the moth's intricately patterned wings. 

One of the many advantages of using a professional designer is the ability for customization and we love the lines we can collaborate with for customization, like Mr. Brown. We are excited to take their incredible Hartley bar cabinet and customize it to be a morning bar for Rhett and Lauren. We are piping in water lines so they can have filtered water available at all times (another well-home attribute) as well as fresh brewed coffee for their morning reading. We are grateful to have the opportunity to see this in person since the online photo simply doesn’t do this beauty justice. This is an example of why shopping with a professional and seeing things in person is an important part of the design process.

It's been an incredible week at the High Point Market! It was great to see our industry friends and shopping products in person again, finally. And speaking of shopping in person - did you know High Point is looking to open to the trade year-round? Thanks to an initiative by High Point By Design (HPxD) in partnership with High Point Market Authority, who both envisions the city as a year-round hub of design and creativity, we are ready to see our designer and industry friends all. year. long.

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Come one, come all. We can't wait to host you in our Creative City

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