If you are just joining us please be sure to catch up on our Mothman Prophecies One Room Challenge by looking at weeks 1-3 here. We have been designing a beautiful home for our clients Rhett and Lauren who are renovating a house at Smith Mountain Lake to serve as a family retreat. Inspired by the simplicity of nature - a moth, we set out to design a home that is reminiscent of their travels and weaves in those memories


Last week we found so many amazing products while shopping in High Point that we had a hard time deciding. In fact, we ended up sharing some of our favorites on our Instagram Stories to let you guys chime in, and chime in you did! We appreciate all the feedback and social media love for what we found! 

After a lot of consideration and deliberation of all the options we pulled together the following concept to share with Rhett and Lauren:

Image 1
Image 1

Excited to share they loved it! The mood is spot on with their desire to create something totally different from the light and airy atmosphere they have at home. This design weaves in memories, both physical and emotional, of their travel experiences into their mountain home.  One such trip was to Heckfield Place; a Georgian family home lovingly restored and rewoven into a luxury hotel tucked amid 400 acres of lush landscape in Hampshire, England. Lauren fell in love with the darker moodier feel and luxurious materials.

Images from Heckfield Place.

Taking inspiration from the interiors of marble, slate and wood, to the views across the woodland and lakes, we have included many of those elements into their new master suite as well as the entire home. For the master, we have replaced wall to wall carpeting with beautiful new hardwoods.  We are also removing the heavy stone fireplace and wrapping it with beautiful dark green bookmatched slabs of Irish marble. In keeping with our well-home design, by removing the heavy stone fireplace we are eliminating countless surfaces that catch dust mites. And, by bookmatching the marble slabs, it mimics those moth wings that inspired our color scheme.

Now it's time to get busy with the ordering process! While at market we were certain to take good notes of the sizes, pricing and any other special details of the items we scouted. The procurement process is one of the most important parts of design: if mistakes are made here it can cause countless headaches for everyone, especially during the install process. Our studio has a team dedicated to this process. They meticulously create purchase orders, submit, track and follow up with these orders to ensure a timely delivery.  When backorders or delays pop-up, they are quick to respond with a smile and notify the design team when they need to step in.  Once acknowledgements are received for shipping, they get busy scheduling for install day - everyone's favorite day!

When we place orders from multiple vendors we like to consolidate at our warehouse. This way we can inspect the goods and streamline our install to one crew instead of multiple. Taking these extra steps means install day can run smoothly and as hiccup-free as possible!


meet our procurement queens

If you've worked with us before, these are familiar faces. Kelley, our business manager, is our left-brain in residence, in a group of creatives. Stephanie is her righthand (wo)man, working with Kelley on placing orders and making sure they get to their final destination, your home!

While these ladies may sound behind-the-scenes, they are anything but - they have a hand in every project across all 3 of our design channels and we simply couldn't do it without them!

Christi    +   Bri

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Just like Rhett & Lauren, we’d love to design a space that feels like you! From full-service to our e-design service, The Edit, we have solutions for every budget. The Edit has been the go-to for our clients during the pandemic for a space refresh. To learn more about The Edit visit the link below. Or if you’re inspired by Rhett & Lauren’s journey, schedule a call to tell us about your One Room Challenge.