Pepin Tote Sew-Along: Week 4 (last one!)


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Welcome to the fourth and final week of the Pepin Tote Sew-Along! I'm so glad you've followed along and I hope you enjoyed making your tote (or a bunch!).


Last time (Week 3), I put together a video on making the lining. We covered the regular lining and magnetic snap installation as well as the full instructions on installing the recessed zipper. Here's a link to that newsletter. 


The last steps are always fun. Turning a bag right side out is one of the best parts, you get to see all your hard work finally! Take your time turning it right side out, if you've used waxed canvas you can use a hair dryer on a low setting to warm up the wax a bit to make it more pliable and a bit easier to turn right side out.


Scroll down for the video for this week's sew-along. I've put timestamps in the video's description so if you only want/need to watch a certain part, click on those timestamp links. 


If you scroll down further, I've included links & more information on waxed canvas if it's a substrate that's new to you!


Lastly, if you haven't picked up your Pepin Tote pattern, click the button below.



Here's the video for Week 4 of the Pepin Tote sew-along! Click the image below to play the video.

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Your tote is complete! That's so exciting!!! I hope you're proud of what you made. And I hope you make more! 


If you're on Instagram feel free to add your images to the hashtags, 

I'd love to see what you made:

#PepinTote and #PepinToteSewAlong


Here's a look back on the sew-along schedule:

Week 1: October 30, fabric selection as well as cutting & fusing interfacing

Week 2: November 11, make front pocket & exterior

Week 3: November 18, make the lining (we'll go over both the magnetic snap and recessed zipper options)

Week 4: November 25 (today), finish your tote!


More on waxed canvas:

I also wanted to add a note here in case you're shopping for waxed canvas. Of course waxed canvas is not necessary to complete this tote (and if you're a beginner bag maker I would get comfortable with making the Pepin Tote using regular cotton canvas before trying a new substrate). It IS fun to try new things, so if you're up to it, I've gathered some information for you….


Below are a few links to shops (I'm sure there are many others, too! feel free to let me know your favorite places to shop by replying to this email). Most of these shops will be able to provide you with additional information/tips/best practices for sewing with waxed canvas, after all, they're experts in the products they sell


United States:

{Please note that these are shops I've purchased from myself}

Fabric Funhouse

AL Frances Textiles on Etsy

Fancy Tiger crafts

Bijou Lovely 

(dry oilskin which is a similar material, perfect for bags)



Emmaline Bags



Merchant & Mills (dry oilskin, which is very similar to waxed canvas and perfect for bags)


Want to read about my tips & tricks?

Here is a blog post that I wrote earlier this year with additional tips and tricks:



More information in my Instagram stories!

And if you'd like, I have a series of Instagram stories (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) I recorded with answers to questions and an overall view of a few of some of the waxed canvases & oilskins I mentioned above.


This isn't meant to be an all-inclusive list of everything you ever wanted to know about waxed canvas, but I hope you'll click over and give them a read. None of this content is sponsored in any way.

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let me know which pattern you'd love to sew-along with next!


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