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the cen·ter /ˈsen(t)ər/  

a term used to describe the place in our hearts
for Allah alone;  no love is as true as this kind. 

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Assalamualaikum First name / Friend, may peace be upon you,


Are you or anyone you know seeking unique journalistic opportunities?


Looking for a forum to publish your work and establish credibility as a young writer?


The Core is a platform aiming to build a team of talented individuals ranging from ages 13 to 18. Working alongside others who share your passion for empowering Muslim Youth, The Core will allow you to find solace through faith


Whether your specialty lies in essays, poetry, creative writing, or storytelling—we wish to grant you the opportunity to bring your vision to life.

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We believe in the power of your voice and the potential you have in representing Islam through unique masterpieces.


If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer for The Core, please fill out our Google Form Application below:


Keep in mind that your Youth Committee is always looking for youth searching for learning opportunities, so this form will be available at any time so you may apply at your convenience. No rush!


I cannot wait to continue embarking on this journey with you all.

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"The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others." - Prophet Mohammed ﷺ



Anum Tayyab 



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About Our Committee Leaders:

Anum Tayyab is currently a senior attending Westside High School. With a sincere passion for English, she's also founded “The Writer’s Block,” an organization that advocates for healthier mediums of expression. 

Maryam Ataf is currently a senior attending Klein Cain High School. She's taken on many leadership roles and is passionate about the arts, STEM, and community involvement.