Sandhill Sling Sew-Along: Week 2


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Welcome to the second week of the Sandhill Sling Sew-Along! I'm excited you're here!


Last time (Week 1), I put together a video on fabric selection and cutting & interfacing which I hope you found helpful. Here's a link to that newsletter. We also completed the adjustable strap, strap connector, and shoulder connector!


This week we're onto more fun - the pockets (front pocket for both views and the interior pocket)! The video is included below, but I did want to chat about some of basic sewing items.


Needle & Thread

I get asked a lot about what type of thread and needle I use for bag making, it is an important part, right?! If you followed along with the Pepin Tote Sew-along you'll have already seen this info, so feel free to skip over this part. 


In my patterns I suggest a polyester thread and a size 14 or 16 denim or Microtex needle. But here are a few more details!

Image 1

My favorite type of polyester thread is Gutermann Mara 100, I usually pick mine up at (and most of the time I buy cones of basic neutral colors - cream, black, gray, etc.). I've used this thread for years and love it.


I have a healthy stash of sewing needles (thank you coupons!) that I picked up at my local big box sewing store. I use the Schmetz brand which I've found to be very reliable. I typically use a Denim size 14 or 16 needle. Now the size is important for a needle! The larger the number, the stronger the needle. Strength is the real workhorse we need in order to get through the layers of fabric/handles without your needle bending and breaking! I've also used Microtex (sharp) or even a Leather or Topstitching needle. Definitely experiment on some test scraps before using whatever needle/thread combination on your final bag. Also, here's a great chart with needle information.


The other item I use on almost every bag I make is this Bohin Chalk Pencil. I love because it creates a thin yet noticeable line on most fabric (not light colors, but you can pick up refills in other colors besides white). I also love that you can refill it! Although I think I've only really gone through one refill pack in YEARS, so it really does last a long time! And it's like a mechanical pencil, so handy. 


And with all that said, please use whatever works best for you! Same goes for anything I show here, after all, that's one of the parts that is so great about sewing.


Scroll down for the video for this week's sew-along. I've put timestamps in the video's description so if you only want/need to watch a certain part, click on those timestamp links. 


Lastly, if you haven't picked up your Sandhill Sling pattern, click the button below.



Here's the video for Week 2 of the Sandhill Sling sew-along! Click the image below to play the video.

Image 1

In the video we're covering making the front pocket (View A and View B) and making the interior pocket!


Here are the videos I mentioned if you're planning on using a turn lock or Loxx fastener for sewing View B: Turn Lock Installation Video, and a Loxx Installation Video. Here's a step-by-step photo tutorial as well (scroll down to “How to Install Loxx” heading).


After this week you should have the front pocket (View A or B) complete, as well as the interior pocket all assembled and the corners rounded. Yay!


Once again if you missed it last week, here's the sew-along schedule:

Week 1: February 17th, fabric selection, cutting & fusing interfacing, strap and shoulder connector assembly

Week 2: February 24th (today), make front pocket (View A and View B), assemble interior pocket

Week 3: March 3rd, gussets, complete exterior and make lining

Week 4: March 10th, finishing

Week 5: March 17th, link wrap up and any loose ends!


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