Sandhill Sling Sew-Along: Week 3


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Welcome to the third week of the Sandhill Sling Sew-Along! I'm so excited you're here! We're getting into the thick of assembly this week!


Last time (Week 2), I put together a video on how to assemble the front pockets (for both views) as well as the interior pocket which I hope you found helpful. Here's a link to that newsletter. It also included thread and needle tips, so give it a read if you haven't already.


Now we're onto the gussets and assembling the exterior & lining! 


Scroll down for the video for this week's sew-along. I've put timestamps in the video's description so if you only want/need to watch a certain part, click on those timestamp links. 


A few helpful tools…

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I've had a few questions about tools I've been using in my videos and I thought I'd talk about those a bit here in this newsletter. 


1/ Spray Starch

I use the Faultless brand spray starch on every piece of fabric I use (not waxed canvas or cork though of course). It provides great stability for cutting and sewing. I pick mine up at my local grocery store or even Target. It's fairly inexpensive (only a couple of bucks a bottle) and it last quite a while. I maybe only go through two cans a year. You can find lots of other brands at your local quilt shop, so don't forget to check them out as well! So many yummy smelling ones. I don't use water in my iron ever (so no steam) and the starch really helps give it that nice clean press. I haven't used water in my irons for years and found that it really helps them last longer in my opinion.

2/ Clover Wonder Clips

Clover Wonder clips (Amazon link, but also check your local quilt shop, too!) are a great notion/tool to have in your sewing box. They're handy little clips that are perfect for holding layers of fabric together. Plus, if you're using a fabric that you want to avoid pin holes with - these are a great option. I have a pack of 50, and those have gotten me through any project I've ever sewn.


3/ Big Point Turner

My big point turner tool is my favorite. A member of the Duluth, MN Modern Quilt Guild gifted it to me many years ago and I've been using it ever since! Her husband had made it, so maybe if you're up for some woodworking it would be a fun DIY project! I like that it doesn't have a super sharp point (no accidentally poking through fabric) and that it's big enough to reach inside a pocket or bag corner. 


I'm sure there are lots of other tools that I could mention (and I'm sure some that you love using, too!), but I thought I'd share these here. If you have a favorite, reply to this email and let me know, I'm always looking for helpful tools!



Here's the video for Week 3 of the Sandhill Sling sew-along! Click the image below to play the video. Don't forget to click on the timestamps in the description if you only need to watch a certain part.

Image 1

After this week you should have the lining and exterior's complete! We're on the home stretch! Last, but not least! Here's a little hint for you, if you are excited and itching to move on to the next steps, those videos are already included in your pattern! Yep, it's true! Just copy/paste/click the link directly in the opened PDF (if using a PDF version) or scan the QR code with your phone (if you have the paper version).


Once again, here's the sew-along schedule:

Week 1: February 17th, fabric selection, cutting & fusing interfacing, strap and shoulder connector assembly

Week 2: February 24th, make front pocket (View A and View B), assemble interior pocket

Week 3: March 3rd (today), gussets, complete exterior and make lining

Week 4: March 10th, finishing

Week 5: March 17th, link wrap up and any loose ends! 


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See you next week,