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I am happy to be back in the newsletter space with you all!  A place to share some nuggets of inspiration that may accompany you on your journey.  A place to share the musings of my thoughts and to foster connection.  


As we navigate the landscape of our daily moments, life can feel overwhelming or full of ease and JOY.  For me, the truth is, it is a bit of both!  Not Either Or but BOTH AND. How I intentionally choose into each moment makes a BIG difference.  My ability to intentionally choose verses react is directly related to how resourced I am.  When I am nourishing my body with whole foods,  have gotten restorative sleep, integrating my life and work and making time for pleasure and joy it is easier to intentionally choose. But what happens when those foundational practices fall off kilter and life begins to run me?  I react instead of choose!  Time to PAUSE, REGROUP and SHIFT and remember the tools I have to reset and get back on track.  I start with the basics.







How does your health and feeling of wellbeing 

impact your moment to moment choice? 


How can you up-level your health and wellbeing 

to support more moments of ease and Joy?


What small change can you make today to begin

 to move yourself into the driver's seat of your health and wellness?


In the spirit of a colorful, abundant and joyful life,

Lynn Joselyn PA-C, IFMCP, CFSP™ (she/her/hers)


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Integrated Spectrum of Health Spring Community Offerings 

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Create your personal health manifesto!



How Color Can Transform Your Health and Add JOY!



Functional Medicine a Personalized Rx to Optimize Health






S     P     A     C     E


What areas in your life are feeling cluttered, chaotic or constricted?  

Where can you create space for expansion? 

What is no longer serving you that you can let go of?




Media Spotlight

My husband and I just started this book with our book circle

WOW!!! I highly recommend to all!


The Body is not an Apology, The Power of Radical Self-Love

by Sonya Renee Taylor


Check out the podcast interview with 

Sonya Renee Taylor and Brené Brown 




Spring Ahead!

Tips to support Daylight Savings Time change



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