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its time to stop living in a grass is always greener mindset, together were going to not only DREAM BIG but LIVE BIG
Backstory, I watched and blocked a girl for 14 months before finally saying yes to myself. So the fact that you're here means you too are thinking about taking the plung and to put those dreams into motion. I bet you're wondering what the perks of becoming a Le-Vel promoter:
The Breakdown the biz business
So, Thrive is a health and wellness company. Its the fastest growing movement in the world. We are in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The company has over 10 million customers and nearly 2 billion in total sales. We are most known for our three-step morning routine (vitamins, shakes, and DFTS- wearable nutrition), but thats not all we have! 
Our team started December 31st, 2019 at 11:58 pm. In two years we have become a MILLION dollar organization. Yep you read that right. We came out with fire and haven't slowed down. We are a growing team of 2.593 customers and 373 brand promoters.
In addition to our 3 steps, we have a performance line, a CBD skincare line, snacks, protein bars, probiotics, sleep aids and many other wellness products! There is literally something for everyone!

what we do as promoters
As a promoter you become a product of the product. We share the ins and outs of how we feel, the health changes we've gone through, and the buz on the products and biz. We enroll customers and promoters through authentic attraction marketing. We will never ask you to send a “hey girl, you're cute I think you'd be amazing” messages that we all hate getting. 
You get paid on a weekly basis based on the amount of people who you help start on their health journeys as a customer and the people you enroll as a promoter. You can make money solely off your own commissions but once you have a team thats when your bank goes from 0 to BIGGER than dreams. 
As promoters, there are NO monthly fees, NO monthly minimums, NO "discount" fees, NO cold/mass messaging, NO mandatory autoships, NO paying for your product after this, NO ranking based on charting/placements and NO need to spend $$ on controlled accounts. 
Believe me, i have been with companies that make this all sound to good to be true. This company is truly unmatched. You get dollar for dollar volume (and your volume is counted with subtotals prior to any discounts), there are five ranks in the company. 4k, 12k, 40k, 80k, and 200k. Each rank is obtained by monthly volume meaning 4k is $4,000 in montly sales. 
At the second rank of the company you can start earning your autobonus where you can chose to receive $300 cash or apply to a luxury vehicle where you can get $800 a month. at the third rank in the company you can work towards Auto Elite where you earn $1600 a month for your autobonus. 
At the second rank of the company you can work towards earning three all-inclusive trips a year. Typically two are outside of the united state and one is within the states. 

Becoming a promoter is easier than you think
To become a promoter, all you need to do is purchase a promoter pack! Your enrollment options are below! You will be locking arms with me where I will walk you through 1:1 training and plug you into a use friendly training created by our team for our team, its truly one of a kind and you wont find it anywhere else. 
We will be working towards your VIP $800 CASH bonus plus commissions within your first two weeks (watch the comp vidoe to hear more!) 
Pick your pack
Samples are where its at! 
You can sell your own stock or use your free trials with your pack! 
Example you charge $25 per sample and get paid via paypal or venmo. 
Gets product in new customers hands before they buy!
The BASIC: $200
1 month of product.
$35 in credits
No Samples
The VIP: $400
2.5 months of your three steps.
$25 in free credits 
1 plus line product (balance, sculpt, blast, or activate)
10 free 3-day trials
10 samples x $25=$250 profit
The Mega Pack: $800
Retails for $1567- you pay $800
4.5 Months of all three steps
$25 in credits
2 Free plus line Products
¼ way to first rank of company
20 Free 3-day trials
Free Priority Shipping
20 samples x $25=$500 profit
initial investment is only $300!
Paid at top rank of the company =Double commission for your first 4 months

Trips and Whips
For me, the most appealing benefit of becoming a promoter outside the premium grade nutrition, the community and the pay, is the TRAVEL and the AUTO BONUS. At just the SECOND rank, you earn free trips and get your car paid for monthly. Every year, you have chance to earn not one but THREE all inclusive lifestyle getaways… and you also have the chance to earn our team retreats. In the past two years 've been to Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Plus I have co-hosted two in Oregon for our team! 
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Then, the AUTO BONUS. At just the 2nd rank, you can get up to $800 added to your 2nd paycheck of every month for your car payment. Because of the auto bonus, I was able get the beautiful BMW I've always wanted and so many others on my team have been able to purchase their dream cars too….
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-Ask yourself these questions-
  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Do you want to be apart of a community that supports you?
  • Do you have big goals for your future?
  • Are you ready to be your own boss?
  • Do you want to work 9-5 or longer till you can eventually retire?
SHOOT ME A MESSAGE OR TEXT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL.If you're ready to pull the trigger, let me know what package you want to start with and we will get your ENROLLED TODAY! I'm so excited to potentially work together!

xo, Shelby